Bukhara Region

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Coordinates: 40°10′N 63°40′E / 40.167°N 63.667°E / 40.167; 63.667

Bukhara Region
Buxoro viloyati
Бухоро вилояти
Country Uzbekistan
Capital Bukhara
Area 39,400 km2 (15,212 sq mi)
Population 1,543,900 (2009)
Density 35 / km2 (91 / sq mi)
ISO 3166-2 UZ-BU

Buxoro Region (Bukhara Region) (Uzbek: Buxoro viloyati/Бухоро вилояти) is a viloyat (province) of Uzbekistan located in the southwest of the country. The Kyzyl-Kum Desert takes up a large portion of its territory. It borders Turkmenistan, Navoiy Region, Qashqadaryo Region, a tiny bit of Xorazm Region, and the Karakalpakstan Republic. It covers an area of 40,300 km2. The population is estimated at 1,525,900 (end of 2005 data), with 71% living in rural areas.[1]

Buxoro Region is divided into 11 administrative districts. The capital is Buxoro (pop. est. 241,300 at the end of 2005).[1] Other major towns include Alat, Karakul, Galaasiya, Gazli, Gijduvan (pop. 40,600 end of 2005), Kagan (pop. 53,500, end of 2005), Romitan, Shafirkan, and Vabkent.

The climate is a typically arid continental climate.

The old city of Bukhara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous as a "living museum" and a center for international tourism. There are numerous historical and architectural monuments in and around the city and adjacent districts.

Buxoro Region has significant natural resources, especially natural gas, petroleum, graphite, bentonite, marble, sulfur, limestone, and raw materials for construction. The most developed industrial activities are oil refining, cotton ginning, textiles (including Uzbek ikat), and other light industry. Traditional Uzbek crafts such as gold embroidery, ceramics, and engraving have been revived. Bukhara province is the center of karakul sheep breeding and production of karakul pelts in Uzbekistan.[citation needed]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Districts of Bukhara
Key District name District capital
1 Olot District Olot
2 Bukhara District Galaosiyo
3 G'ijduvon District G'ijduvon
4 Jondor District Jondor
5 Kogon District Kagan
6 Qorako‘l District Qorako‘l
7 Qorovulbozor District Qorovulbozor
8 Peshku District Yangibozor
9 Romitan District Romitan
10 Shofirkon District Shofirkon
11 Vobkent District Vobkent


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