Bukhtarma River

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The Bukhtarma River (Kazakh: Бұқтырма}, Russian: Бухтарма) is a river of Kazakhstan. It flows through East Kazakhstan Province, and is a right tributary of the Irtysh. The length of the river is 336 km, with a basin area of 12,660 km ². The source of the river is located in the Southern Altai Mountains. The average water flow rate is 214 m ³ / sec.

The Bukhtarma Dam is located on the Irtysh a few kilometers downstream from the mouth of Bukhtarma. The lower course of the Bukhtarma has thus become of bay of the reservoir produced by the dam.

Coordinates: 49°44′26″N 83°59′25″E / 49.7406°N 83.9903°E / 49.7406; 83.9903