Bukit Daun

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Bukit Daun
Bukit Daun is located in Sumatra Topography
Bukit Daun
Bukit Daun
Sumatra, Indonesia
Elevation 2,467 m (8,094 ft)[1]
Listing Ultra Ribu
Range Bukit Barisan
Coordinates 3°23′S 102°22′E / 3.38°S 102.37°E / -3.38; 102.37Coordinates: 3°23′S 102°22′E / 3.38°S 102.37°E / -3.38; 102.37[1]
Type stratovolcano
Last eruption Unknown[1]

Bukit Daun (English: Daun Hill, means: Leaves Hill) is a stratovolcano, located in a sparsely populated region in Sumatra, Indonesia. A 600 m wide of crater lake is located at the summit. A smaller crater lake, Tologo Kecil, is found in the southwest flank.[1]

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