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Staro Zdanje Hotel in Bukovička Banja

Bukovička Banja (Bukovička Spa) is a spa situated in Aranđelovac (central Serbia), at the height of 236 m above sea level.

The gorgeous Park of Bukovička Banja is famous for its open-air sculpture gallery. Various sculptors' works of art, made of Vencac marble (one of the best in the world), are placed in this park. The sculptures were created in the past three decades, during the traditional manifestation "The Marble and Sounds" (Mermer i zvuci).

In the vicinity of Bukovička Banja is Risovačka Cave, a cave where a settlement of prehistoric people was found. It is one of the oldest traces of human existence in the Balkan Peninsula. The nearest picnic resorts are Mt. Bukulja (696 m) and Garasi Lake. Also nearby is the small town of Topola, where the Karađorđević dynasty had built its memorial place, consisting of a church and a palace.

The guests of Bukovička Banja have numerous possibilities for a pleasant holiday, including entertainment and recreation, such as open-air and indoors swimming pools, tennis courts, sports fields, fitness rooms, and sauna baths.


Bukovička Banja park
Date Event Location
13 January: Orthodox New Year celebration Bukovička Banja
15 February: Candlemas - Statehood Day celebration Orašac
1 May: Uranak Bukulja
July - August: Festival "The Marble and Sounds" Bukovička Banja
12 July: Fair Darosava
26 July: Big fair - Day of Aranđelovac Bukovička Banja
28 August: Fair Bukovička Banja
(first weekend)
Šumadija hunting Autumn Bukulja
31 December: New Year celebration Bukovička Banja

Curative Factors[edit]

There are several mineral water springs in Bukovička Banja whose water temperatures range from 12 to 28 degrees Celsius.

Mineral water from these springs is bottled and sold both in the domestic and foreign market. Bukovička mineral water won its first quality awards as early as 1906, in Brussels and later on in 1907, in London.

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