Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010

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Eurovision Song Contest 2010
Country  Bulgaria
National selection
Selection process Artist: Internal selection
Song: Evrovizija 2010
Selection date(s) Artist: 18 October 2009
Song: 28 February 2010
Selected entrant Miroslav Kostadinov
Selected song "Angel si ti"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (15th, 19 points)
Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Bulgaria will change its selection format for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 - Bulgarska nacionalna televizija (BNT) will internally select the artist that will represent Bulgaria at the contest in Bærum, Norway, while the song will be selected by the Bulgarian public in a national final. BNT selected Miroslav Kostadinov to represent Bulgaria in Oslo, where he will perform one of five songs which will be specifically produced for the national final.

Evrovizija 2010[edit]

For 2009 BNT held a lengthy selection process for selecting the Bulgarian entry, featuring several heats, quarter-finals and semi-finals between October 2008 and February 2009. For 2010 BNT will hold a completely different selection to select its entry, with the broadcaster internally selecting the artist who will take part in Oslo. A televised show will be held to select the song, which will be chosen by the public using televoting.[1][2]

On 18 October BNT announced that they had selected Miroslav Kostadinov (also known as Miro) to represent Bulgaria in Oslo. Miro had previously taken part in the 2007 Bulgarian national final as one part of KariZma, coming second with "Fool For You". A 51-member professional jury voted on a number of different artists, with Miro receiving the highest number of votes, winning ten votes. Other artists in the competition were Poli Genova, who received 7 votes, and Nora Karaivanova, who won three votes. Other artists included Slavi Trifonov, Maria Ilieva, Lili Ivanova, and Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov, the 2007 Bulgarian entry.[3][4]

Five songs were now produced for a televised national final, varying in musical genres. A public televote will decide the winner, which will go to Oslo. Miro himself invited known and unknown producers to compose songs, which could be submitted until 15 January.[3][4][5] The 5 songs were presented on 5 February, three sung in Bulgarian and two in English.[6] After the first presentation of the songs Miro announced a call for backing vocalists and dancers to join him on stage in Oslo.[7]

On 28 February, after three weeks of continuous promotion of the five songs, the national final will be held at the National Congress Centre in Sofia.[8] "Angel si ti" was the winning song, composed by Miro and Mihail Mihailov, getting 48.05% of the total televote/SMS vote.[9][10]

Evrovizija 2010 - 28 February 2010
Draw Artist Song Lyrics (l) / Music (m) Televote Place
1 Miro "Eagle" Yasen Kozev (m & l), Krum Georgiev (m & l) 12.47% 3
2 Miro "Moyat pogled v teb"
(Моят поглед в теб)
D2 (m & l), Garo (m) 3.53% 5
3 Miro "Twist and Tango" Thomas Törnholm (m), Petr Panov (l), Dane Atlerud (l) 27.42% 2
4 Miro "Ostani" (Остани) Nayden Andreev (m), Iva (l), Petrova (l) 8.53% 4
5 Miro "Angel si ti" (Ангел си ти) Miroslav Kostadinov (m), Mihail Mihailov (l) 48.05% 1

At Eurovision[edit]

Bulgaria competed in the second semi-final, held on 27 May. They performed 13th in the running order but failed to qualify, placing 15th with 19 points.

Points Awarded by Bulgaria[11][edit]

Points Awarded to Bulgaria (Semi-Final 2)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

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