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The Bulgarian National Government in Exile was a right-wing Bulgarian government-in-exile after the monarchist government of Bulgaria was deposed in a communist backed coup d'état on September 9, 1944, and was replaced by the Communist Fatherland Front, which later formed the People's Republic of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Government in Exile commanded Bulgarian armed forces operating in Germany and Austria. It was dissolved in 1945.



On September 16, 1944, the right-wing leader Aleksandar Tsankov made a radio announcement stating that "The fight for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Jewish-Bolshevik yoke is in secure hands. The Bulgarian National government calls on fight against the oppressors of our motherland.".

The Bulgarian government-in-exile under Tsankov had no international recognition. In February 1945 the Bulgarian Government moved from Vienna to Altaussee and soon after dissolved.

After the Second World War Tsankov fled to Argentina and died in Belgrano, Buenos Aires, in 1959.

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