Bull Arab

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Bull Arab
Bull Arab (dog).jpg
Other names Aussie Pig Dog
Country of origin Australia
Height Male 63–69 cm[citation needed]
Female 61–66 cm[citation needed]
Coat Short, smooth[citation needed]
Color Black, red, liver (with a liver nose), blue, silver, tan, and brindle. Most dogs are predominantly white with patches of these colours. Many dogs have ticking on their white patches.[citation needed]
Litter size 8–10 pups[citation needed]
Life span 12–15 years[citation needed]
Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Bull Arab is an Australian dog purpose-bred primarily as a finder and lugger for feral pig hunting. They were bred to create a dog large enough to stop large boars but with enough speed and stamina to outlast other heavier mastiffs.[citation needed]

The Bull Arab is not yet a registry-recognised breed of dog in Australia.

History and use[edit]

The Bull Arab was probably first developed in the 1970s by Mike Hodgens and is a cross between a Bull Terrier, Greyhound, and German Shorthaired Pointer.[citation needed] Originally they were 50% Bull Terrier, to add tenacity and bite strength, 25% Greyhound for speed, sight and athleticism, and 25% German Shorthaired Pointer for air scenting ability, intelligence and silence whilst hunting.[citation needed]

Another theory is that an English Pointer was used instead of a German Shorthaired Pointer and Saluki (hence the name Arab) instead of Greyhound.[citation needed] Some lines include 12.5% Bloodhound blood to add stamina and tracking ability. This strain is often called the Paulsen Bull Arab after Peter Paulsen its creator.[citation needed]

The Bull Arab is predominantly used to hunt feral pigs in rural Australia, but is also used to catch feral cattle and buffalo.[citation needed]


Bull Arabs are bred for hunting purposes with traits selected for sound temperament and hunting ability.[citation needed]


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