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Colleges of the University of Cambridge

Bull College

Full name Bull College
Named after The Bull Hotel
Established 4 October 1945 (until March 1946)
Master Dr. John T. Sheppard[1]

Bull College is one of the former colleges of the University of Cambridge, existing from 1945 to 1946. It originated as the Cambridge branch of the Training Within Civilian Agencies programme of the U.S. Army, and provided a Cambridge degree programme for American GIs.[1] It was named for the Bull Hotel (requisitioned by the British Army from its owner, St Catharine's College and subsequently incorporated into St Catharine's) in which most GIs in the programme were initially billeted.[2] Bull students made an impression on the university, not least through the first participation of a female coxswain in a Cambridge boat race, in the 1946 Lent Bumps.[1][3] Bull was also involved in a fixture against Pembroke College, in which the first half was played under rugby union rules, and the second under American football rules.[1]

In March 1946 it was announced that the US Army's educational programmes would be cancelled. Plans were made to sustain the College on a longer-term basis using charitable funding, but these came to nothing. Bull students were able to witness the 1946 Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race before being recalled to active service.[1][2] Bull items, including its shield and copies of its student magazine, were transferred to the St Catharine's archives.[1]

David Braybrooke, later a Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, enrolled in 1945.[1]


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