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Bulla is Latin for bubble.

Bulla or bullae may refer to:



Science and medicine[edit]

  • Bulla (gastropod), a group of marine snails
  • Bulla (dermatology) (plural bullae), a large vesicle described as a rounded or irregularly shaped blister containing serous or seropurulent fluid
  • Auditory bulla, a hollow bony structure on the ventral, posterior portion of the skull that encloses parts of the middle and inner ear
  • Blister, a fluid-filled bubble on the skin caused by burning, friction or infection


  • Bulla (amulet) (plural bullae), a type of talisman
  • Bulla (seal) (plural bullae), a means of securing contents
  • Bulla Aurea, a golden ornament representing a seal attached to a decree issued by Byzantine Emperors and later by monarchs in Europe

Other uses[edit]

  • Bra (Dragon Ball), a character in the Dragon Ball manga whose name is also romanized as Bulla
  • Bulla cake, a Jamaican pastry sweetened and colored brown with molasses, nutmeg and ginger
  • Bulla Dairy Foods, a major Australian dairy company
  • Papal bull (plural bulla or bullae), a type of letter or charter issued by a Pope
  • A character created by British comedian Ricky Grover

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