Bulla Island

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Map showing the location of the Baku Archipelago.

Bulla Island, also Khara Zira or Khere Zire, Azeri: Bulla adası (Xərə Zirə) is an island in the Bay of Baku, Caspian Sea. It is the largest island of the Baku Archipelago, located off Baku, Azerbaijan.

Bulla Island's area is 3,5 km²; its length is 3,4 km and its maximum width: 2,6 km. The island has akdalaite and aluminium deposits and a mud volcano.

The island is a centre for the nearby offshore gas development of the Bulla Deniz gas field, in production since 1968. It was the largest gas find in Azerbaijan before Shah-deniz and contains more than 4 trillion cubic feet (110 km3) of gas reserves.


Coordinates: 40°02′13″N 49°35′00″E / 40.03694°N 49.58333°E / 40.03694; 49.58333