Bullet Ballet

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For the film genre, see Gun fu.
Bullet Ballet
Bullet ballet film.jpg
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Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto
Produced by Igarashi Maison
Written by Shinya Tsukamoto
Starring Hisashi Igawa, Sujin Kim, Kirina Mano, Takahiro Murase
Music by Chu Ishikawa
Cinematography Shinya Tsukamoto
Edited by Shinya Tsukamoto
Release dates 1998
Running time 87 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Bullet Ballet (バレット・バレエ) is a Japanese film directed by and starring Shinya Tsukamoto, and co-starring Hisashi Igawa, Sujin Kim, Kirina Mano, Takahiro Murase, Tatsuya Nakamura and Kyoka Suzuki.[1] After his girlfriend commits suicide, a man (Shinya Tsukamoto) becomes embroiled in gang warfare attempting to obtain a gun in hopes to kill himself.



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