Bully Kutta

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'Bully Kutta'
11 months old male
Other names
Pakistani Mastiff
Sindhi Mastiff
Country of origin Pakistan
Weight 140-210 pounds (64-95 kg)
Height 28-35 inches (71-76 cm)
Male 24'-30'
Female 22'-28'
Coat Short
Life span 8-10 years[citation needed]
Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Bully Kutta or Pakistani Mastiff or simply Bully[1] is a descendant of the extinct Alaunt that originated from the Sindh and Punjab regions of present day Pakistan, where they are the most common guard-dog. Some can be found in India, but they are rarer there. The word Bully derives from the English word Bull, because of its resemblance to the Bulldog, while the word Kutta means dog in South-Asian languages.


The Bully Kutta is predominantly white in color, however fawn, brindle, brown, black and various bicolors are also common. Generally, a Bully Kutta stands 24"-30" tall. Usually they have large heads, strong bone structure, and loose, and stretchy skin.


A Bully Kutta's temperament ranges in variety. However, the breed is generally docile. Training them and introducing them to family early on in puppyhood is recommended. It is a very smart dog and can easily be trained. They are loyal and protective of its master, their family, and their master's belongings.

Dog fighting[edit]

Because of this breed's dog aggression, it is commonly used in Pakistan for dog fighting.

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