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Bump or Bumps may refer to:

Infrastructure and industry[edit]

  • Bump (road), where two routes both turn in opposite directions at an intersection
  • Speed bump, a raised portion of road designed to slow traffic
  • Coal mine bump, a seismic jolt occurring within a mine
  • Bump (union), in a unionised work environment, a reassignment of jobs on the basis of seniority
  • Bumper (broadcasting), in broadcasting, a brief announcement
  • Bump, airline travel slang for the removal of passengers from an overbooked flight

Math and science[edit]


  • Bump (application), a popular app for the iPhone and Android smartphones which allowed users to easily share information over the internet. It was shut down and discontinued on January 31, 2014.
  • A bump in an Internet forum is to remind readers of a forum that a thread or comment has not yet received a reply. Context: "[ post : my flowers have wilted ] Bump" would remind thread readers to supply an appropriate response, and possibly move that thread to the top of its section, thereby making it more "visible". BUMP could be considered an acronym for "Bring Up My Post" or (recursively) "Bump Up My Post"



  • Elbow bump, an informal greeting where two people touch, or tap, elbows
  • Fist bump, an informal greeting

Sports and physical recreation[edit]


  • Bump the Show (BUMP+), a webseries that follows the stories of three women facing unintended pregnancies
  • Bump (dance), a dance from the 1970s disco era
  • BUMP (comics), 2007-8 limited edition comic book series





  • Bump (TV series), a 1990 children's programme featuring an elephant
  • Bump!, a Canadian gay and lesbian travel and lifestyle television series



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