Bump and grind

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For a song by R. Kelly, see Bump n' Grind (R. Kelly song).

Bump and Grind or bump-and-grind refer to various kinds of rough movement, e.g., kayaking through rapids, aggressive car racing, a slang term for sexual intercourse, etc. In particular, the terms may refer to one of the following:




  • "Bump N' Grind", a 1994 song by R. Kelly, remixed in 2014 by Waze & Odyssey
  • "Bump 'n' Grind (I Am Feeling Hot Tonight)", a 2000 song by M-Dubs
  • "Bump 'n' Grind", the title song of the 1973 Jackson Heights album listed above
  • "Bump and Grind", a song by David Lee Roth from the 1986 album Eat 'Em and Smile
  • "Bump and Grind", a 1984 song by Denise LaSalle
  • "Bump and Grind", a song by Wendy O. Williams, Beech, Swenson, Stotts, Tollive, from the 1984 album WOW (Wendy O. Williams album)