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Rajput clan: Bundela
Descended from: Vindhya Range
Branches: -
Ruled in Bundelkhand
Princely states: Orchha (1501-1950)
Datia (1626-1950)
Panna (1732–1950)
Ajaigarh (1765–1950)
Charkhari (1765–1950)
Chhatarpur (???-1785)

The Bundelas are a Rajput clan of Chattari lineage who ruled several states in central India in Bundelkhand region from the 16th century.

The Bundelas of Bundelkhand trace their ancestry to Maharaja Hemkaran (Pancham Singh Bundela), who was driven from his kingdom by his four elder brothers. While in exile, he propitiated the goddess 'Vindyhavasini', and with her assistance established a kingdom at Mahauni in the Vindhya Range of central India. His descendants were known as the 'Vindhyalas', after the mountain range.

The Bundelas moved south from the Vindhya Range into the Bundelkhand region, People who moved far south into Maratwada and deep south are called Bondili which now bears their name.

Portrait of Rao Vir Singh

The capital of Bundel dynasty was Orchha.

Rule at Bundelkhand[edit]

Bundela rulers received constant military support from Ahirs.[1] In the 14th century Sahanpal Bundela, together with Parmars, and Chauhans captured Garhkundar, near Damoh from a Khangar king. The Bundela chief Rudra Pratap (ruled 1501–1531) founded the state of Orchha.[2]

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Chhatris (cenotaphs) of Bundela rulers, on the Betwa River near Orchha.

Notable people[edit]


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