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Bundoora Secondary College
Balmoral and Moreton Crescents
Bundoora, Victoria, Victoria, 3083, Australia
Coordinates 37°42′28″S 145°03′43″E / 37.70778°S 145.06194°E / -37.70778; 145.06194Coordinates: 37°42′28″S 145°03′43″E / 37.70778°S 145.06194°E / -37.70778; 145.06194
Type State, Secular, Co-educational
Established 1971
Principal Sue Muscat
Asst. Principal Annette Jenkin
Grades 7-12
Enrolment 470
Colour(s) Juniors (years 7-9): Pale Blue and Maroon

Seniors (years 10-12): Navy Blue and White

Slogan Make your mark on the future

Bundoora Secondary College is a public secondary school for girls and boys in years 7 to 12 located in a quiet and leafy[citation needed] residential block on the corner of Balmoral Avenue and Moreton Crescent in Bundoora, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The school values are Relationships, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Rigour.[citation needed]


Originally formed as "Greenwood High School" in an area where the closest exiting schools were boys-only technical colleges, the school first took students in 1971. At this time the school shared the adjacent Greenwood Primary School site (Now Bundoora Primary School).

The home-economics and the library wing (also used by School Administration at that time) were the first, and only, buildings to be built at that time, on the current site. They were then surrounded by portable classrooms. Once these buildings were ready it was time, for the school to move onto its own site. This occurred during 1971 and the school was officially opened.

Greenwood High School was officially opened by the Principal Mr Adrian Callinan in 1971. In 2011 the college celebrated its 40 year anniversary. At the time of its official opening, the school had 4 staff and about 100 students who were all in year 7. Adrian Callinan remained Principal from 1971–1975. During this period the population of the school grew to over 600 students.

In 1976 Ms Jean Crewther became Principal, holding the position until 1982. It was Jean who had the vision for developing and building the ECA Centre (the gym and drama studio) and it was during this time that the band Pseudo Echo was formed at the school and Mandy Walker, award winning Australian Cinematographer, was becoming interested in film media.

It took until 1984 for the ECA Centre building to be completed and to be officially opened. By this time Mr Ray Gillette was the Principal of the school. Ray was Principal of Greenwood High School from 1983 until 1987. During the years from 1971 to 1988 the school uniform was in the Australian colours of green and gold and enrolments at the school grew to over 1200 students.

In 1988 Mr Allan Phipps became Principal and it was during his time of leadership that the uniform changed to pale blue and burgundy. The school also changed its name to Bundoora Secondary College. The name change was to assist the school in identifying with its local community. It was during this time that popular Australian comedian Peter Helliar was a student here. In 1992 Mill Park SC was opened and this had a significant effect on the student numbers at Bundoora Secondary College and enrolment numbers began to decline. Allan continued in the role of Principal until the end of 1996. With 8 years as Principal, Allan Phipps is to date, the longest serving Principal of Bundoora Secondary College.

In 1997 Mr Hans Linssen became Principal and remained at the helm until 2001. It was under Hans’ leadership that the school underwent its million dollar upgrade. Most notably changes were made to the Administration building. Australian cricketer, Clinton McKay, was a student at the school during these years.

Hans was succeeded by Mr Tony Simpson in 2001. Under Tony’s leadership the school continued to undergo notable change. Tony’s vision for change included structural changes to the buildings to create teams within the school. Omega and Phoenix junior (years 7-9) teams were born. As were team offices and computer pods. The college motto became “Make Your Mark on the Future” and our mantra “that every child can learn” began.

In 2005 Mr Stephen Smith became Principal and he continued and embedded Tony’s work. Steve also implemented the senior navy blue and white uniform to give an identity to the senior (years 10-12) students.

The current Principal, Ms Susan Muscat, was appointed in July 2010. In her speech given at the 40th Anniversary celebration Sue stated that she had inherited a dynamic school with a vibrant history. Sue went on to pledge that she intended to continue to lead Bundoora Secondary College in this tradition and to keep the school at the leading edge of education. At the beginning of 2012 the college numbers are on the increase.

In this history of Greenwood High/Bundoora Secondary some students who have been successful in their chosen career pathways have been mentioned. They have been mentioned to colour in the story and because they will be known to a wider audience. However there are many success stories that began for individuals when they were students here at Greenwood High/Bundoora Secondary but the stories are too numerous to mention here.[citation needed]


Bundoora Secondary College is committed to the development of each and every student through its academic curriculum and its co-curriculum program. Each student is encouraged to participate in a rich curriculum program, which provides opportunities for leadership, community participation and contribution and physical and intellectual challenges which all contribute to the establishment and growth of the individual. The academic success of Bundoora students is a testament to the work done by the staff at the college. In 2011 the dux of the college achieved an ATAR of 98.4.[citation needed]

Bundoora's curriculum provides preparation for all students to gain the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). Bundoora's curriculum is comprehensive and tailored to maximise the opportunity for each student to undertake tertiary level study or further training.

Students in Year 10 will have the opportunity to access VCE studies, while students in year 12 have the opportunity to be enrolled in university units. In particular students in year 12 have access to two university subjects. One is in the Exercise Science stream, the other in Nursing. Both of these subjects contribute to the ATAR score, are HECs free and will provide credits towards a university degree in each of the two identified pathways. This opportunity is available only at Bundoora Secondary College.


The college continues on its journey to forge new and innovative programs in education.

Pathway to Health Industry Partnership

Bundoora Secondary College leads the way in the Health and Community Services area.

The aim is to keep young people in education longer and to increase the number of young people qualified to take up local sustainable employment.

Bundoora Secondary College is Victoria’s first government school specialising in partnerships and pathways in the Health and Community Services training and employment sector.

Bundoora Secondary College has chosen to focus on the Community Services and Health Industry which is the largest local employer within the City of Banyule. There are two major hospitals (Mercy Health and Austin Health) within this local area as well as other medical precincts of both private and public health providers. There are also extensive child care and aged care facilities in the area.

Health is a broad industry with an extensive range of career opportunities linked to ongoing employment opportunities. There are currently 500 different occupations available in this field and employment opportunities in this field are predicted to increase, for example Nursing, Neonatal Care, Aged Care, Childcare, Physiotherapy, Orderly, Health Administration, Pharmacy etc.

After extensive consultations with Mercy Health Hospital Trainers, ACU and La Trobe Universities, Bundoora Secondary College agreed to participate in a partnership program. This means that Bundoora Secondary is able to offer their senior students entry into the health industry via the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector while the student is still at school and completing either the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). The VET certificate available is at level III in Allied Health, Aged Care or Childcare, all of which will assist in a smooth transition to further study post year 12 at either University or TAFE or to employment. The development of this program has the support of both Mercy Health Training Institute and a wide range of industry employers. Highlights of the program include: • For students who have been identified as being a part of the Industry Themed Project (Health) BSC will customise each student’s secondary school education to suit their interests and talents. This will in turn heighten their engagement with learning, as topics studied will be linked to the health industry. • Involvement in the program will assist the student to develop specialised knowledge, skills and work habits • Access to field placement in a hospital setting providing quality work placements for the participants. • Access to university units as a part of the VCE certificate and recognition in the student’s ATAR score. • Rigorous course selection advice provided for every participating student supporting them to identify, explore and refine career goals and make informed decisions about their future. • Successful completion will earn each student credits, certification and training that the tertiary institutions and the employment sector will recognise • The individual’s course however will remain flexible, with the option to shift between pathways, should their goals and plans change. • Provision of a meaningful pathway for both girls and boys. • Opportunities exist to expand this program into other skill shortage areas in health such as dental health and audiology. The school has used locally raised funds to develop a dedicated facility to deliver some of the health programs on the school site. These include Allied Health Services and Community Services - Childcare.

Bundoora is enjoying the privileges that come from having a partnership with a number of universities but in particular with La Trobe University and RMIT University to enable students to access their facilities, programs and academic staff. Specifically through the college's partnership with La Trobe University students have access to a range of opportunities including enhancement studies and mentoring programs.

Student Destinations[edit]

The school has a strong pathways program with strong links to its local community including Latrobe University. The pathways program ensures that all enrolled students are connected to either further training or employment when they eventually leave the school. In particular the college is a leader in providing pathway opportunities across the broad spectrum of training and employment opportunities in the health industry.

Destination data for 2012

Congratulations to the Class of 2012 and their excellent results. With several students receiving excellent ATAR scores in the 90s. 90% of our students who applied through VTAC for a University or Tafe place for 2013 received an offer, 87% of those students received first or second preferences. 40% of Bundoora Secondary College's Class of 2012 will be attending university in 2013, 35% will go to TAFE, 10% will take up apprenticeships or traineeships with a final 15% travelling or looking form employment. At Bundoora we are extremely proud of all the efforts of the Class of 2012 and we wish them all the best in the next part of their journey.

Special Attributes[edit]

Bundoora Secondary College is one of the few schools around the area that can continue to offer a wide variety of subjects and co-curricular activities, but is still small enough so that the teachers actually know the students well.[citation needed]

The college has a "zero tolerance" anti-bullying policy and acts quickly to address any inappropriate behaviours between students.

Junior Transition Program[edit]

Transition from Primary to Secondary School

The Bundoora Secondary College Transition Program emphasizes the need for Year 7 students to feel comfortable and supported through this challenging time. Transition to secondary school is a rite of passage in every child’s life journey. We adopt a whole school approach to transition and we work to provide a strong sense of belonging and to make each student feel welcomed into this new and vibrant community as soon as they enter the College. The process begins at the start of Year 6 when the Transition Leader or Junior School Team Leaders visit the primary schools in our area. This is an important step in the transition process and gives students the opportunity to talk informally with College staff to ask questions, to articulate any concerns and to look at photographs of school activities and watch a short program produced by current students. It also provides contact between the College and the Primary school staff. This allows students’ strengths to be identified, special needs to be outlined and Year 7 class placement to be considered. An open night is held in March where families are welcomed into the College. This is an opportunity for students and their parents to get a feel for the College expectations and the programs on offer. These include a range of subjects and links for senior students with RMIT, LaTrobe and Australian Catholic Universities. Smaller college tours are also available via appointment. After families have chosen to send their child to Bundoora Secondary College a Parent Information Evening is held. Parents and students are provided with the opportunity to meet key staff at the College and are provided with information to ensure a successful transition. The Year 7 Orientation Day is held state wide in December and allows students to meet their Team Leaders, classmates and their teachers. On Orientation Day the students bring a completed passport, outlining information about themselves. Assisting the transition program is the Year 10 Peer Support Program. Year 10 leaders provide a vital and regular link with Year 7s throughout first semester and beyond. The Year 7 transition camp is another highlight for many of the students. This provides the students with further opportunities to get to know their peers, the staff and vice-versa. Bundoora Secondary College is committed to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable transition into life at secondary school for every individual.

In the Press[edit]

Article about sex ed at school

Bundoora Secondary College takes pride in delivering a strong academic curriculum program underpinned by a diverse wellbeing program that promotes good decision making and inclusion. Being at the forefront of delivering a contemporary sexual education program is just one of the many exemplar wellbeing programs that Bundoora delivers as a part of its regular curriculum.

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