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Bunk Campers is a campervan rental company in Ireland

Bunk Campers are the largest budget campervan rental company in Ireland and have recently won the Northern Ireland Tourist Board “Innovation in Tourism” award. They are active members of and are supported by Tourism Ireland, Failte Ireland, Invest Northern Ireland and Belfast Visitor Convention Bureau and have been featured on a number of overseas travel and tourism television programmes including the BBC Northern Exposure starring Gary Lineker.

In January 2010, Bunk Campers were included in the UK and Ireland section of the Sunday Times "100 Best Summer Holidays for 2010".[1]

As of April 2012, Bunk Campers opened their Scottish office in Bo'ness which services Edinburgh Airport and can also service Glasgow and Prestwick airports if required.


Bunk Campers was established in the summer of 2007. The business is owned and operated by Louise Corken and Keith Charlton. They are also an Invest Northern Ireland client listed company.[2]

Corken and Charlton travelled to Australia and New Zealand in 2006 on the lookout for new business ideas and concepts that could be brought back to Ireland and tailored to suit the needs of the market place. It was during this period that the opportunity for budget campervan hire was identified.[3]


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