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A bunker is a defensive military fortification.

Bunker may also refer to:

  • A kitchen worktop in Eastern parts of Scotland.
  • Bunker (golf), a depression near a green or fairway that is usually filled with sand.
  • 'Bunkering' refers to the storage and supply of fuel oil to maritime vessels; the fuel oil is itself known as 'bunkers'.
  • Bunker is an alternative name (coined word) of barge ships
  • International aviation and maritime greenhouse gas emissions are sometimes referred to as emissions from 'bunkers'
  • Bunker, the fuel (usually coal) container on a steam tank locomotive or ship, or a chamber in a building for furnace coal
  • Búnker refers to a faction of far-right francoists in the period of Spanish democratic transition
  • A species of fish, see Bunker or Atlantic menhaden
  • Los Bunkers, Chilean alternative rock band