Sharp-jawed buntingi

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Sharp-jawed buntingi
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Beloniformes
Family: Adrianichthyidae
Genus: Oryzias
Species: O. orthognathus
Binomial name
Oryzias orthognathus
Kottelat, 1990

The sharp-jawed buntingi (Oryzias orthognathus) is a species of fish in the Adrianichthyidae family. It is endemic to Lake Poso in Sulawesi, Indonesia.


The Sharp-jawed buntingi is known to live in a freshwater environment. It is the native to the areas of Indonesia, Asia, Lake Poso, and central Sulawesi.[1] This species is known to live within a benthopelagic range. They are also native to a tropical environment. The Sharp-jawed buntingi is considered to be a non-migratory species. The maximum recorded length of this species as an unsexed male is about 6.5 centimeters or about 2.55 inches. The common length of this species is about 5 centimeters or about 1.96 inches. The Sharp-jawed buntingi is a non-annual breeder.[2] It is considered to be difficult to have in an aquarium. It is used for human commercial use in aquariums. [3] This species serves as no threat to humans and they are harmless.[4]

Common names[edit]

The common names of the Oryzias orthognathus in different languages is as follows:

  • Buntingi : English
  • Pointed head medaka  : English
  • Pointed head ricefish : English
  • Sharp-jawed Buntingi : English
  • Sharpjawed buntingi  : English
  • Spitzkopf-Reiskärpfling : German (Deutsch)
  • Suippokuonomedaka : Finnish (suomen kieli)
  • 直頜青鮰 : Mandarin Chinese
  • 直颌青鮰 : Mandarin Chinese[5]


The taxonomic classification of the Oryzias orthognathus is as follows:

  • Kingdom : Animalia
  • Phylum : Chordata
  • Class : Actinopterygii
  • Order : Beloniformes
  • Family : Adrianichthyidae[1]


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