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The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs (EB) is an agency of the U.S. Department of State charged with promoting economic security and prosperity at home and abroad. It reports to the Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment. The Bureau's work lies at the nexus of economic prosperity and national security. As the single point where international economic policy tools and threads converge, EB helps to promote a coherent economic policy across the U.S. Government.[1] It is headed by the Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs, who is, since December 2009, Jose W. Fernandez.[2]

EB accomplishes its mission through a "Total Economic Engagement" approach that strategically analyzes and employs all of the economic engagement tools of the U.S. Government. The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs is divided into the following sections:[1]

  • Energy, Sanctions and Commodities (EB/ESC);
  • International Communications and Information Policy (EB/CIP);
  • International Finance and Development (EB/IFD);
  • Trade Policy and Programs (EB/TPP);
  • Transportation Affairs (EB/TRA);
  • Commercial & Business Affairs (EB/CBA);
  • Economic Policy Analysis & Public Diplomacy (EB/EPPD).


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