Bureaus and Research Centers of University of Dhaka

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Dev Centre for Philosophical Studies[edit]

Dev Center for Philosophical Studies was founded in 1980 in the name of Professor Dr. Govinda Chandra Dev, in brief, Dr. G. C. Dev [1].

At present, the Director of the Center is Dr. Galib Ahsan Khan. He was appointed as the Director on 20 February 2008, for a term of two years.

Two journals are published from the center, every year; one is in English with the title, Philosophy and Progress and the other is in Bengali language. Programs of the Center also include arrangements for monthly seminars. The topics for the papers to be submitted for publication in the journals or for seminars, should be philosophy related. A good remuneration is given for the paper, whether it is for the journals or for the monthly seminar.

Centre for Renewable Energy Research[edit]

In 1981, the University of Dhaka set up the Renewable Energy Research Centre (RERC) with following aims and objects [2]:

  • to organize research activities in the field of Solar, Wind and other alternative sources of energy;
  • to encourage research projects for utilization of solar energy in Bangladesh;
  • to help multidisciplinary research activities in this field;
  • to look for international assistance and collaborations in this field;
  • to co-ordinate and establish liaison with scientists and engineers working in other institutions inside and outside the country.
  • to collect information and literature on researches in the fields of solar and other alternative energy sources and to disseminate them among the research workers.

Centre for Advanced Research in Arts and Social Sciences[edit]

Established in year 2005, current director: Prof. Dr. A.H. Ahmed Kamal.

List of bureaus and research centers[edit]

  • Bureau of Economic Research
  • Bureau of Business Research
  • Bose Centre for Advanced Study and Research in
  • Natural Sciences
  • Centre for Advanced Studies and Research in
  • Biological Sciences
  • Dev Centre for Philosophical Studies
  • Renewable Energy Research Centre
  • Centre for Advanced Research in Humanities
  • Centre for Advanced Research in Social Sciences
  • Semiconductor Technology Research Centre
  • Biotechnology Research Centre
  • DU Cyber Centre
  • Nazrul Research Centre
  • Nazmul Karim Study Centre
  • Disaster Research Training and Management Centre
  • Dr. Sirajul Haque Islamic Research Centre
  • Centre for Biomedical Research
  • Bangladesh-Australia Centre for Environmental Research
  • Delta Research Centre
  • Centre for Advanced Research in Physical, Chemical,
  • Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences - The Centre of Excellence
  • Centre for Advanced Research in Arts and Social
  • Sciences - The Centre of Excellence
  • Centre for Corporate Governance and Finance Studies
  • Center for Microfinance and Development
  • Japan Study Centre
  • History Research Centre
  • Centre for Development and Policy Research
  • University and Industry Alliance
  • Professor Dilip Kumar Bhattacharya Research Centre
  • Organic Pollutants Research Centre
  • Refugee and Migratory Movement Research Unit
  • Center for Administrative Research and Innovation-CARI
  • Dhaka University Earthquake Observatory
  • Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue
  • Dhaka University Arboriculture Section
  • Center for genocide studies[1][2]

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