Burger King Kingdom

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Burger King Kingdom
Agency JWT
Client Burger King
Release date(s) 1976-1980

The Burger King Kingdom is a fantasy world associated with Burger King.


The Burger King Kingdom was the name of Burger King's answer to McDonaldland during the mid-1970s. In the late 1980s, the Burger King Kingdom characters were largely phased out.

Starting in 2003, the Burger King began to be reused in Burger King ads, albeit as a man in a mask and King costume, rather than a full live-action portrayal.


  • Sir Shake-A-Lot - A knight that wears an armor made of BK Cups and has a craving for milkshakes. Sir Shake-a-lot always shivers because he drinks milkshakes so much he is always cold. Sir Shake-A-Lot's voice can be heard in the video game Sneak King commenting, "The King! He's so sneaky!"
  • The Duke of Doubt - A duke who is the Burger King's nemesis who constantly doubted the King's magic.
  • The Wizard of Fries - A robot powered by the french fries in its glass dome head. It can "multi-fry" where it takes a single french fry and duplicates it endlessly.

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