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Early of April 27, a strong area of low pressure formed near Baler,Aurora.It is formerly a tail end of cold front that passing by in Northern Luzon. JTWC assesed that the area of a disturbed weather potential of becoming developing into a significant Tropical Cyclone within 24 hours upgraded to "fair".However, on April 28, JTWC downgraded 94W.Invest in to a dissapating stage because of interaction with Tropical Depression Crising.After a few days later,the disturbance moved south-westward.Later of April 30,the disturbance made landfall at Albay.and in May 1, JTWC upgraded again 94W.Invest into a significant Tropical Cyclone within 24 hours upgraded to "fair".And later of the day,PAGASA classified 94W.Invest into a tropical depression and named it "Dante" and issued a public storm warning signal number one in the provinces of Camarines Norte ,Camarines Sur ,Albay, Sorsogon ,Catanduanes , Masbate ,Burias Island ,Southern Quezon.
For the village of Buriaş in Ilfov County, Romania, see Periş.

Burias Island is one of the three major islands of Masbate province in the Philippines. The other two major islands are Ticao Island and Masbate Island. The Island has two municipalities, Claveria and San Pascual.

Coordinates: 12°52′30″N 123°13′48″E / 12.87500°N 123.23000°E / 12.87500; 123.23000