Buried Treasure (Rocky & Bullwinkle episode)

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"Buried Treasure"
Rocky and Bullwinkle episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 5 (14 segments)
Directed by Gerard Baldwin, Pete Burness, Bill Hurtz, Gerry Ray, Bob Schleh, George Singer, Ernie Terrazas
Written by George Atkins, Chris Hayward, Chris Jenkins, Lloyd Turner
Production code 125-138
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Rue Britannia"
Next →
"The Last Angry Moose"

Buried Treasure is the fifth story arc from the second season of Rocky and His Friends. It was broadcast on ABC during the 1960-1961 television season.


This was the only "Rocky and Bullwinkle" storyline to feature Boris Badenov without Natasha Fatale (though Boris would often appear without her in the Bullwinkle's Corner, Mr. Know-it-All, and Rocky and Bullwinkle Fan Club segments).

In order to combat poor news paper sales Colonel McCorn Pone announces a treasure hunt for the "Picayune Pot" a useless brass trophy stuffed with one million confederate dollars which is merely a token to be taken back to the colonel to win a 1910 Stearns-Knight Roadster. Rocky & Bullwinkle and the rest of the citizens search for the pot, which leaves Frostbite Falls covered in holes. But during the search, Bullwinkle accidentally hits an oil pipe line, and is no longer allowed to take part in the hunt. But at the same time, Boris leads three gangsters known as the "Light Fingered Five Minus Two" with a plan to rob the Frostbite Falls Bank, so it's up to Rocky and Bullwinkle to foil Boris' crime and get back the money.

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