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Burirchar Union (Bengali: বুড়িশ্চর) is a union of Hathazari Upazila of Chittagong District.


Area of Burirchar: 946 acres (3.83 km2).


North: Halda River

East: Chandgaon Thana

South: Chandgaon Thana

West: Shikarpur union


As of 1991 Bangladesh census, Burirchar union has a population of 12,860 and house units 216

Famous persons[edit]

At First I can remember Sayed Mohammed Nazir Ahmed Munshi who is the most famous person in this village. We can say in a word Nazir Ahmed munshi is the Father of Burischar. Some of other famous persons are Gulam hosshen Chairman, Shamsuddin Chairman, Allama jafar Ahmed Siddiki, S.M Fazlul Haque, Al haz Shaike Muhammed miah, Haji Abdul Latif, Al haj Suleman Khan, Late kamal monsi.