Burl Ives Sings... For Fun

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Burl Ives Sings... For Fun
Studio album Album Set by Burl Ives
Released 1956
Genre Folk
Length 30:54
Label Decca
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Burl Ives Sings... For Fun
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Burl Ives Sings... For Fun is a 1956 album by American folk singer Burl Ives.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars [1]

In his Allmusic review, critic Bruce Eder wrote of the album "The mood is lighthearted, but it's not all wafting innocuous melodies, as "Goober Peas" calls up some serious echoes."[1]

Track listing[edit]

Side Track Song Title
1. 1. The Fox
1. 2. The Three Jolly Huntsmen
1. 3. The Erie Canal
1. 4. My Good Old Man
1. 5. Old Dan Tucker
1. 6. Wooly Boogie Bee
1. 7. Blue Tail Fly
2. 1. The Boll Weevil
2. 2. Let's Go Hunting
2. 3. Goober Peas
2. 4. Aunt Rhody
2. 5. Killigrew's Soiree
2. 6. Big Rock Candy Mountain
2. 7. I'm Goin' Down the Road (with The Andrews Sisters and Vic Schoen's Orchestra)


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