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Burlyman Entertainment
Industry Publishing
Founded 2004
Founder(s) Andy and Lana Wachowski
Products Comics
Website Official website

Burlyman Entertainment is a comic book company created by Andy and Lana Wachowski, best known as the writer/director duo behind the Matrix Trilogy.


"Burlyman" was the The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions' production codename. According to visual effects supervisor, John Gaeta, the title is a reference to a film they all loved; the Coen brothers' Barton Fink. He points out that the Matrix crew agonized and struggled to make the Matrix films, just like Fink had to, to write "THE BURLYMAN" screenplay, a wrestling picture.[1] However Burlyman Entertainment's editor Spencer Lamm has joked in interviews about a time the directors themselves playfully discussed a different origin for the company's name.[2] This was our first screenplay," Lana said, "titled "THE BURLYMAN", for the now defunct Four Corners Productions. It was a wrestling picture, meant to bring new life to the genre. I've never seen Barton Fink." To which Andy added, "[Barton Fink] coulda’ been a good movie—if they'd put some wrestlin' in it."

Burlyman Entertainment first started as the publisher for the Matrix Comics series started by the Wachowski Brothers, which was published into two separate volumes. Burlyman Entertainment also published some new, non-Matrix related comics: Shaolin Cowboy, written and drawn by comic book artist Geoff Darrow, who also served as the conceptual designer for the Matrix Trilogy, and Doc Frankenstein, written by the Wachowski Brothers and drawn by Steve Skroce, the storyboard artist for the Matrix Trilogy, and previously worked with the brothers on the comic book series, Ectokid.

Since the start of the company, the release of the two ongoing series were irregular, with a professed bi-monthly release schedule that has yet to be fulfilled. The most recent issue was released in December 2007, leading to speculation the company has become defunct. On August 2010, comic book creator Geof Darrow stated the company was still going and Steve Skroce was drawing a new issue for Doc Frankenstein, with plans to collect all issues in graphic novel form.[3] On January 2014, Darrow reiterated that Burlyman is not dead, explaining that periods of inactivity are due to the Wachowskis being busy making movies, and adding that as far as he knows the Doc Frankenstein arc will be completed in 2014.[4]

On June 2014, Steve Skroce was interviewed revealing Doc Frankestein is indeed being collected in two parts the second of which includes the final two issues,[5] while Burlyman Entertainment's webshop was updated to include a message stating they're still in business and "big things [are] ahead".[6]

Among its canceled projects, the first volume of "The Matrix Comics" featured an advertisement for "The Art of The Matrix Reloaded, Revolutions", two books which have yet to be published.


The company made an appearance at the 2004 Comic-Con in San Diego which included an actual "Burly Man" (looking very much like their company mascot), and two "Burly Babes" passing out giveaways branded with the company logo and ongoing series' titles. Later, the Wachowski Brothers appeared and asked questions from the audience, making it one of their few public appearances over the last decade

In the movie V for Vendetta, posters for a film 'Burlyman 7' can be seen in the background of a tube train and several street scenes.



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