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Burn Notice season 7
Burn Notice Season 7 DVD.jpg
Region 1 DVD cover art
Country of origin USA
No. of episodes 13
Original channel USA Network
Original run June 6, 2013 (2013-06-06) – September 12, 2013 (2013-09-12)
Home video release
DVD release
Region 1 December 17, 2013 (2013-12-17)[1]
Region 2 July 7, 2014 (2014-07-07)[2]
Region 4 June 25, 2014 (2014-06-25)[3]
Season chronology
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Season 6
List of Burn Notice episodes

The seventh and final season of the American television spy drama Burn Notice aired from June 6, 2013 to September 12, 2013, on the cable television channel USA Network. The 13-episode season was ordered by USA Network on November 7, 2012.[4] In May 2013, the network announced that this season will be the show's last.[5] Production on the series wrapped on July 31, 2013.


Jack Coleman plays Andrew Strong, a CIA officer who pushes Michael to do whatever it takes to complete a mission that has consumed Strong for eight years. Stephen Martines plays Carlos Cruz, a bounty hunter who is Fiona's new boyfriend. Nick Tarabay plays Dexter Gamble, a freelance operative, in two episodes.[6] Adrian Pasdar plays Randall Burke, a former special ops soldier who is suspected of running a freelance terrorist ring.[7] Ricardo Antonio Chavira guest stars in two episodes as international terrorist Rafael Serrano.[8] Charles Mesure makes a guest appearance as Jack Frakes, the head of a criminal hacking syndicate. Alona Tal plays Sonya, the woman Burke calls "the key to everything", while John Pyper-Ferguson plays her boss, James Kendrick.[9]

Tim Matheson reprises his role as "Dead Larry" Sizemore in one of Michael's hallucinations. Garret Dillahunt returns as Simon Escher in the season's eleventh episode.[10]


In the following table, "U.S. viewers in millions" refers to the number of Americans who viewed the episode on the day of original broadcast.

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
U.S. viewers
99 1 "New Deal" Stephen Surjik Matt Nix June 6, 2013 (2013-06-06) BN701 4.32[11]
After cutting a deal with the CIA and now apart from his team, Michael is in the Dominican Republic, where he has been sent by his handler, Strong (Jack Coleman) to infiltrate a terrorist network run by one of Michael's old friends. Michael poses as "an alcoholic ex-spy committing the occasional crime to pay the rent" to get the attention of Burke (Adrian Pasdar), who runs a Blackwater-like defense contract facility. Back home, Sam plans a party for his love interest, Elsa, Jesse has returned to work at his security firm, and Fiona is a bounty hunter working with a new love interest, Carlos (Stephen Martines). Maddie is attempting to gain legal custody of grandson Charlie. The team reunites when a stranger (Nick Tarabay) starts asking questions about Michael, using multiple covers and several phony accents. The stranger poses as an HHS employee and interviews Maddie about Charlie's custody. When he expresses concern to Maddie about her son's exploits, she unwittingly gives up Michael's status (not his location, but that he is still working for the CIA). Michael and Strong must then head back to Miami to track down the stranger.
100 2 "Forget Me Not" Jeffrey Donovan Ben Watkins June 13, 2013 (2013-06-13) BN702 4.29[12]
Now back in Miami, Michael is forced to not have any contact with his team. He is, however, allowed to visit Maddie, because she is endangering the operation. There are flashbacks of Michael and Fiona's past relationship from when they first met in Ireland, as he monitors the team's effort to track down the stranger who had been asking questions. The stranger has been identified as Dexter Gamble, a man hired by a mercenary from the Dominican Republic who had connections to Burke. Gamble captures Fiona, and Strong must send in a task force to rescue her and arrest Gamble. During the entire time monitoring his former team, Michael must endure their complaints about the mess he left behind nine months ago before revealing himself. Michael then manages to successfully rescue Fiona, and Gamble is shot to death. Despite the rescue, Fiona signals to Michael that their relationship is officially over.
101 3 "Down Range" Scott Peters Craig O'Neill June 20, 2013 (2013-06-20) BN703 3.40[13]
A sketch of Michael is shown on Dominican TV, so he shaves his beard. Burke informs Michael that he must return to the Dominican Republic and steal a truck carrying $25 million worth of satellite uplinks. Michael convinces Agent Strong that Sam and Jesse are needed. Strong tells the three that Burke will be meeting with a fellow international terrorist named Rafael Serrano (Ricardo Antonio Chavira), who intends to buy the equipment. When Strong's snipers are spotted at the meeting by Burke's team, Michael manages to convince Burke that the snipers are Serrano's by having Sam shoot at him (intentionally missing Michael). It turns out that Burke never wanted to sell the uplink equipment; he just wanted to kidnap Serrano. Later, Michael demands an explanation for the mission, and Burke reveals he is not the leader of a freelance terror ring as Strong had long suspected, but works for someone else. Back in Miami, Nate's former bookie threatens Madeline, demanding she pay Nate's debts. Madeline wants to pay up, but Fiona talks her out of it, saying that if one of Nate's creditors gets paid, others will arrive. Together, they plan to make the bookie look corrupt by stealing his money. After cracking his safe, they find his ledger to use as leverage, and force him to leave Madeline alone.
102 4 "Brothers In Arms" Dennie Gordon Alfredo Barrios, Jr. June 27, 2013 (2013-06-27) BN704 3.87[14]
Burke tells Michael that they must free a woman named Sonya (Alona Tal), whom he calls "the future, the key to everything," from a group of Russian spies. Burke knows that Serrano has information on the woman's whereabouts, and has Michael threaten Serrano's young daughter (forcing Serrano to watch via Michael's POV camera) to get him to reveal that Sonya is being held in Cuba. Shortly after, Burke convinces Serrano to commit suicide. With help from Sam and Jesse who come to Cuba, along with Fiona and Madeline back in Miami, Michael concocts a scheme to convince the leader of the Russian spies that he has a traitor in his operation, forcing him to hasten Sonya's escape. But the plan backfires when the leader hears that a Russian submarine is in the area and they don't need the boat that Michael is providing via Burke. So Burke, stating that Sonya is of utmost importance to his operation, sacrifices himself in an explosion so that Michael can free Sonya. But later, Sonya attacks Jesse when the two are alone, and she escapes the team. Michael states that they must find Sonya.
103 5 "Exit Plan" Marc Roskin Michael Horowitz July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11) BN705 3.04[15]
Sonya threatens Michael, but he convinces her that he, Sam and Jesse are on her side and that they need to get her out of Cuba as soon as possible. When a Russian agent named Oksana (Marina Benedict), whose ruthless reputation is well known to Sonya, impedes their plans, the entire team has to think on the fly. Elsewhere, Strong blackmails a reluctant Fiona into helping Michael with the mission. At the end of the episode, Michael, Sam, Jesse, and Sonya return to Miami, where Sonya finds out that a hacking syndicate exposed her to Russian agents. Sonya tells Michael that they will destroy the hacking syndicate.
104 6 "All or Nothing" Jonathan Frakes Rashad Raisani July 18, 2013 (2013-07-18) BN706 2.86[16]
For her first assignment while in Miami, Sonya requests that Michael and the team bring down a hacking syndicate that specializes in pilfering offshore funds, and which ultimately exposed her to the Russian agents. Fiona is back in the fold, and she and Michael pose as professional hackers in order to approach a recruiter for the syndicate. However, they need Barry Burkowski's help in creating a convincing "resume" to show the recruiter. In exchange, Sam and Jesse help Barry track down his girlfriend, who went missing while he spent four months in prison. After successfully getting a virus planted that uploads data for Sonya before wiping the syndicate's hard drives, Michael requests a "seat at the table" in Sonya's organization. Sonya replies that agents in her group must be willing to sacrifice everything. Upon tearfully convincing Sonya that he has already lost everything (Nate, Fiona, his friends and his mother's trust), Michael and Sonya sleep together. The next morning, Sonya tells Michael that she will contact her boss.
105 7 "Psychological Warfare" Larry Teng Ryan Johnson & Peter Lalayanis July 25, 2013 (2013-07-25) BN707 3.06[17]
Sonya says her boss has agreed to meet with Michael, then she tases him. At a compound, the boss (John Pyper-Ferguson) becomes Michael's interrogator, using sensory torture in a padded room and hallucinogenic drugs to learn all about Michael and ensure that he has no secrets. "Dead Larry" Sizemore returns in a hallucination, bringing back memories of an event in Kiev that forever changed Michael. Meanwhile, Fiona and Sam notice that Sonya and an accomplice have broken into Michael's loft, have removed several boxes, and are taking them to an incinerator. They tail Sonya's car to a gated bridge that leads to a private island (presumably where Michael is held), and Sam borrows a boat from Elsa so that he and Fiona can view the compound from the sea. Michael is shown hallucinating about his father, when he and Nate were very young, then he is back in the padded room after blacking out. Sonya bursts in and says that her boss found out that Michael has been disloyal, and they need to escape. While trying to escape, Michael again recalls his father, and that he never told him anything. Thus, he turns back to the compound, shocking Fiona and Sam who are watching from a distance. The boss, who now identifies himself as James, welcomes Michael to "the family", as a satisfied Sonya looks on. Michael then returns home and, after recuperating from the drugs, confesses to Madeline that his father's abuse is the reason that he is still alive.
106 8 "Nature of the Beast" Tawnia McKiernan Bridget Tyler August 1, 2013 (2013-08-01) BN708 3.60[18]
Michael goes deep undercover, unintentionally losing Strong’s surveillance team. James asks Michael to complete the mission that Burke was working on before he gave up his life – taking down a Dominican drug enforcement official who has used his position to become that nation’s largest drug smuggler. Meanwhile, Fiona and Jesse are asked by Strong to fly to Mississippi and investigate a criminally insane former special forces soldier, whose stay at a hospital is being funded by James. Michael confides in Sam that the more he learns about James' network, the more he questions his own motives. In the end, however, Michael meets the institutionalized soldier who was in Delta Force with James, and learns how far James will go to see his vision through. James and the institutionalized soldier used to be in the same task force, but when their comrades prepared to blow up a building full of civilians, James slit all of their throats in their sleep.
107 9 "Bitter Pill" Bill Eagles Alfredo Barrios, Jr. & Daniel Tuch August 8, 2013 (2013-08-08) BN709 3.69[19]
James enlists the entire team to guard Dr. Hamed (Christopher Maher), a peace-seeking Middle Eastern diplomat who has a price on his head, and ensure that he gets to an important conference in Tripoli. At a press conference in Miami, Hamed ingests poison, and the team has 24 hours to locate the antidote. Meanwhile, Maddie notices she is being followed. She finds James waiting in her house, but he assures her he only wants to protect her and Charlie. Working with James' associate Snyder (David Meunier), Jesse and Fiona track down a lead through a strip club owner. Snyder injects the same poison into the club owner to ensure he will guide them to the facility where the antidote is stored. The three have to fight through a heavily guarded compound while Michael and Sam race the clock to get Hamed to the site. As Jesse gets out with the antidote to save Hamed's life, an explosion rocks the compound. Snyder sees that Fiona is trapped behind a wall of flame but only saves himself, leaving Michael to rescue Fiona. At a follow-up meeting, James praises the team for their efforts and says that Hamed will be okay. He scolds Snyder for leaving a family member behind, then shoots and kills him in front of everyone.
108 10 "Things Unseen" Craig Siebels Ben Watkins & Craig O'Neill August 15, 2013 (2013-08-15) BN710 3.66[20]
Sonya informs Michael that his next assignment is to assassinate a person who has been overheard asking questions about him and his team. The man is a go-between that Michael once worked with named Roger Steele (Sebastian Roché), whom Michael also considers a friend. To Michael's surprise, Strong authorizes the hit in order to protect his cover and Michael is forced to kill Steele. Meanwhile, Carlos and Fiona learn that a man named Nando, whom Carlos ratted out for a cocaine deal 10 years ago, is out of prison and has been looking for him. The only way out of the situation is to get Nando returned to prison on a murder charge, forcing Carlos to find a witness who has been in hiding for 10 years. Because it's too dangerous for Carlos to show his face in his old neighborhood, he and Fiona ask for help from Sam and Jesse. When Carlos is captured by Nando, Fiona asks Michael if he can get help via Sonya's organization. After Carlos is saved by the violent means of Sonya's team members, he tearfully breaks up with Fiona, saying that he can't be with her while Michael and his "mission" are running things in their relationship. Sonya informs Michael that killing Steele was necessary to "eliminate a threat", and she then tells him that James has big plans for him.
109 11 "Tipping Point" Scott Peters Rashad Raisani & Michael Horowitz August 22, 2013 (2013-08-22) BN711 3.64[21]
Michael copies Sonya's phone after the two sleep together, which lets Strong learn details about their next mission in Veracruz, Mexico. Meanwhile, Fiona is tasked with protecting Madeline from James' men who entered her house, but has to wait for instructions from the team in Mexico before making her move. To avoid detection, Strong has hired freelance mercenaries to grab James. James, Michael, and Sonya manage to get away from the ambush. James sees that they are being followed by Strong's helicopter and his group splits up. While the team in Strong's helicopter pursues James, Strong sends another team of mercenaries to intercept Michael. In the ensuing firefight, it is revealed that the leader of the mercenaries is Simon Escher, who has been running off-the-books ops for the CIA for nearly two years. With Strong's permission, the duo lure James and Sonya to the boatyard. But after Michael sees Simon brutally kill one of James' wounded agents, he attacks Simon instead. Simon tells Michael that it's not too late to "be the hero," insinuating that is the only thing that drives Michael, and Michael stabs him in the heart. Michael then helps Sonya and James get away to the safe house. An upset James holds Sonya at gunpoint, believing that she is the one who betrayed him. Michael saves her by blowing his cover, stating he has been working with the CIA the whole time. James has Sonya hold a loaded pistol to Michael's head, but wants to know why Michael led them to safety when he could have completed his CIA mission. Michael states that though he disagrees with some of James' methods, he does believe the missions were necessary. He also says that if the CIA could employ a man like Simon, he no longer wants to work for them. James spares him for now, saying he is not satisfied yet.
110 12 "Sea Change" Stephen Surjik Ryan Johnson & Peter Lalayanis September 5, 2013 (2013-09-05) BN712 3.79[22]
The episode opens with Michael in the basement of James' safe house in Mexico, locked in a makeshift prison cell. Sonya questions him about their relationship, asking if any of it was real. Michael is brought to James, who asks him about his true motives, and it is clear Michael has given up on his life and mission for the CIA. James makes a surprising offer to Michael: he will keep Michael's family and friends out of prison and let Michael "capture" him for the CIA. In exchange, Michael will lie to the CIA, basically becoming a "triple agent," and James' organization will continue with Michael and Sonya in charge. Michael agrees, returning to the CIA where he and Agent Strong meet with the CIA Director. The Director wants to shut down the operation, but Michael convinces him to allow him 48 hours to finish. Strong contacts Fiona and tells her that she and the rest of the team are off the case, which makes them highly suspicious. Fiona meets Michael, and it is clear she is upset and not buying the story Michael tells. She plants a bullet in the magazine of his pistol which houses a tracking device. Sam and Jesse are incredulous, but agree to spy on Michael. They find out Michael is betraying them and the CIA, when he lies about meeting James. Sam is convinced Michael has gone to the "other side," and he and Jesse make a plan to stop him, not knowing the whole story. They want to "save" him by essentially abducting him, putting him in a boat plane, and getting him out of the country. Similarly, Fiona convinces Madeline to go on the run with them all, burning down her house so they can evade James' security men. Sam calls Michael with a ruse, claiming something terrible is going to happen unless the two of them meet Fiona. The plan almost works, but Michael sees through Sam's deception (from their past together, and because the meeting site is one that Fiona would never use). Michael explains the good he can do with James' resources, then Sam reminds him that the people who killed Nate believed they were "doing good." The two fight, Michael wins, and warns Sam to "stay out of my way." Michael meets with Sonya to put the final pieces of James' "capture" together. Unable to let Michael go, his friends show up at the capture site. Fiona goes in to try and stop Michael, who is on a roof waiting for James to arrive via helicopter. Sonya arrives as James is minutes away, and is angry that Fiona's presence could compromise the operation. Michael, unable to make Fiona leave or tell her the full story, is torn between what to do. Fiona refuses to leave until she sees "the old Michael." The episode ends with Sonya saying that if Michael won't act, she will. She draws a pistol from her waist and the screen goes to black as a single gunshot is heard.
111 13 "Reckoning" Matt Nix Matt Nix September 12, 2013 (2013-09-12) BN713 4.97[23]
Michael shoots and kills Sonya to protect Fiona. James sees this from the helicopter, and orders his men on the ground to engage Michael and Fiona, but Sam and Jesse help the two escape. The four are now fugitives in the eyes of Strong and the law, and Michael states that their only option left is to take down James and his organization. Using Jesse's help, they locate an engineer named Max Lyster (Alan Ruck), who helped James build a satellite up link facility. They kidnap Max to obtain the facility's location and other useful information. Michael, Fiona, and Sam go to collect a hard drive from the facility, while Jesse goes to Maddie's house to help Maddie and Charlie escape James' security forces. Inside the satellite facility, the team locates and secures the hard drive, but James contacts Michael and threatens Maddie if anything further threatens him or his operation. James and his soldiers surround the room Michael's in, and Madeline, knowing that Michael, Fiona, Sam, Jesse, and Charlie will die if she doesn't take any action, sacrifices herself by blowing up her house using a homemade bomb. Michael and Fiona, now knowing that he has nothing to lose, forces a shootout between them and James. Meanwhile, Sam attempts to escape the building with the hard drive, but is forced into a shootout with one of James' men. Sam ultimately distracts the soldier with a roll of tape and shoots him to death. Michael and Fiona manage to kill all of James' men, but Michael's pistol runs out of bullets. Moments before James could kill Michael, Fiona tossed Michael her gun. Using Fiona's pistol, Michael fatally shoots James in the chest. While dying, James reveals a dead man's switch that will blow up the building, and he triggers it. Just as Sam escapes with the hard drive, multiple explosions rock the building, killing James and presumably killing Michael and Fiona. Some time later, Sam and Jesse meet with Strong, who says the information on the hard drive led the CIA to over 100 members of James' organization. Strong says there are still many who want Sam and Jesse imprisoned, but he thinks they are heroes and lets them go. He also says that Michael will be getting a star on the CIA Memorial Wall. It is later shown that Michael and Fiona escaped the explosion, but must be presumed dead to protect themselves and Charlie, who now lives with them in a location that could be presumed as Ireland. Michael asks Fiona what they should tell Charlie in the future when he starts asking questions. Fiona tells Michael start with the beginning, telling him to say his trademark line, "My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy."


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