Burrowing Owl Conservation Network

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Burrowing Owl Conservation Network
Burrowing Owl Conservation Network logo.jpg
Founded 2008
Type 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Focus Burrowing Owl, habitat and Wildlife Conservation
Area served
United States
Method Conservation, Ecosystem Restoration, Education, Research, Collaboration, Outreach
Slogan "Save Burrowing Owls, Preserve Habitat, Prevent Extinction"
Website BurrowingOwlConservation.org

Burrowing Owl Conservation Network is a United States-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2008, and is dedicated to “the protection and restoration of Burrowing Owls and promotes the preservation and careful management of habitat to prevent loss, foster healthy populations, and maintain intact natural communities for an ecologically sound future."[1][2] The organization is active in California political intervention aimed at Burrowing Owl protection, and fundraising used for conservation, education and outreach, raptor research, and advocacy.[3][4] The organization’s efforts include habitat protection, ecosystem restoration, collaborations with private lands owners, government agencies and non-profit organizations, and installation of artificial burrows.[5][6]

The organization was originally named “Friends of East Bay Owls” and its mission was focused on protecting Burrowing Owls and habitat in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area).[1][7][8] Today, the organization’s mission and work has expanded throughout California and North America.[1] The organization has offices in Visalia, CA, Berkeley, CA and Redding, CA, U.S. Burrowing Owl Conservation Network is a project of Earth Island Institute.[2]

Conservation Strategy Petition[edit]

Burrowing Owl Conservation Network spearheaded a 2011 state-wide petition for the “immediate development, release for public comment and implementation of a Comprehensive Conservation Strategy for Burrowing Owls.” This petition was a joint project with Defenders of Wildlife and was signed by 22 other California organizations representing more than 209,000 Californians.[9][10]

Earth Island Institute[edit]

Burrowing Owl Conservation Network was adopted by Earth Island Institute on July 24, 2010.[2][5] Earth Island Institute provides Burrowing Owl Conservation Network with fiscal sponsorship and administrative support for their grassroots efforts.[11]


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