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Burton Morris (born 1964) is an American pop artist in the tradition of Andy Warhol.

Like Warhol, Morris was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Morris' art is well known for its original iconographic interpretations of everyday items, following a unique style of vivid colors and thick, radiant lines. He is most noted for producing the iconography for the 76th Academy Awards,[1] which depicted a forward-facing male photographer with a light-exploding camera. Morris has also illustrated the theme art for the 2006 MLB All Star Game, the Montreux Jazz Festival, and has had his paintings featured in the Central Perk café on the television show Friends. His art has been implemented on the packaging and products of several companies, including Perrier, Zippo, Heinz[2] Absolut Vodka,. Kanye West commissioned Morris to paint four portraits of the Jetsons, rotoscoped versions are featured in the video for Heartless and in his video game.[3]

Morris appeared as a guest-artist on Episode 15 of the third season of NBC's The Apprentice. Burton Morris original paintings are displayed internationally. Morris’ art is featured in the collections of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,[4] The Jimmy Carter Center, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, and the Ella Sharp Museum. One-man exhibitions include Sotheby’s of Amsterdam, the International Olympic Museum,[5] and the Hickory Museum of Art. In 2009 Burton Morris was commissioned by Kellogg Company [6] to spearhead their new campaign for Pop-Tarts.


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