Bury Me an Angel

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Bury Me an Angel
"Bury Me an Angel" (1971).jpg
Directed by Barbara Peeters
Produced by Paul Nobert
Written by Barbara Peeters
Starring Dixie Peabody
Music by Bill Cone
Richard Hieronymus
East-West Pipeline
Cinematography Sven Walnum
Edited by Tony de Zarraga
Distributed by New World Pictures
Release dates February 1972
Running time 89 minutes
Country USA
Language English

Bury Me an Angel is a 1971 American biker film from female director Barbara Peeters, who was script supervisor on Angels Die Hard (1970). She was the first woman to direct a biker film.[1]


A female biker (Dixie Peabody) seeks to avenge the death of her brother.


Beach Dickerson has a small role and helped produce the movie.


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