Burying the Ex

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Burying the Ex
Burying the Ex.jpeg
Film poster
Directed by Joe Dante
Produced by Carl Effenson
Kyle Tekiela
Frankie Lindquist
Mary Cybriwsky
Alan Trezza
David Johnson
Written by Alan Trezza
Starring Anton Yelchin
Ashley Greene
Alexandra Daddario
Oliver Cooper
Music by Joseph LoDuca
Cinematography Jonathan Hall
Edited by Marshall Harvey
Release dates
  • September 4, 2014 (2014-09-04) (Venice)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Burying the Ex is a 2014 American comedy horror film directed by Joe Dante. It screened out of competition at the 71st Venice International Film Festival.[1][2]


Max is dating the overbearing Evelyn who he's afraid to break up with. When she's killed in a freak accident, he falls in love with Olivia, with whom he is much better suited. However Evelyn rises from the grave.



The film is based on a short film by Alan Trezza, who expanded it into a feature film script. According to an interview with director Joe Dante in 2014:

I met Alan several years ago, got the script for the feature, which was not substantially different from the one we shot. I thought it was funny and different. Cut forward five years. Unexpectedly, after another project fell through, money appeared so we could make the movie, but we had to shoot cheaply and quickly. We shot in 20 days and it was a lot of fun, a hectic shoot, but there was a lot to do. We were clever about our locations and shooting all within the same area of town... The four leads are really fun and creative and brought a lot to the table.[3]

Principal photography began November 17, 2013 and ended December 19, 2013.[4]

Mary Woronov played the owner of a store called Bloody Mary's. However she was cut out of the film.[3]

Dante said the film was "very EC Comics, but it’s not a comic book movie, I think the characters are a little bit more real... I was left alone in terms of creativity. I think this is film for my fan’s for sure."[3]


In January 2015 Image Entertainment acquired the release rights of the film[5] and set the release of the Film in the United States, to summer via Video on demand.[6]


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