Bus Conductor

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Bus Conductor
Bus Conductor (film).jpg
Directed by V. M. Vinu
Produced by P. Rajan
Written by T. A. Razaaq
Starring Mammootty
Adithya Menon
Salim Kumar
Mamta Mohandas
Nikita Thukral
Harisree Ashokan
Release dates
  • 23 December 2005 (2005-12-23)
Country India
Language Malayalam

Bus Conductor is Malayalam film directed by V. M. Vinu. Mammootty plays the male protagonist/hero. The film also stars Adithya Menon, Jayasurya, Bhavana, Nikita Thukral, Mamta Mohandas, Innocent, Salim Kumar, Harisree Ashokan, etc.


The story, set in the Malabar culture, revolves around Zakir Hussain aka Kunjakka (Mammootty). This bus conductor lords over the family that has a motley cast to it - mother (Bindu Panicker), sister (Poornima), her husband (Innocent), son (Jayasurya), daughters and his own sister Selina (Mamta Mohandas). Then there are his bus mates (Kalpana and Harisree Ashokan)and the villain police sub inspector Adithya Menon

Being a good man, Kunjakka is faced with all kinds of troubles and responsibility. On the one hand he has to take on the wily cop (Adithya Menon), who also runs a bus company on the sly. Then the problems within the family come to hand. Najeeb’s (Jayasurya) dalliance with a local girl (Bhavana) ends in her becoming pregnant. But Najeeb goes to Dubai leaving the girl in the lurch. So the responsibility of looking after her also falls on Kunjakka’s shoulders. There are misunderstandings in the family and his only solace is Noorjahan (Nikita Thukral).

The story then is about how Kunjakka unties all the knots of distrust and disappointments. It is a story that is overweighed by treacle-soaked sentiments. In fact, the maudlin nature of the script makes you groan. Starting with Mammooty none of the artistes have let down the story. Every one chips in efficiently. But the director Vinu has chosen the wrong path. He gets himself tied up through over-the-top sentiments.

Music is by M. Jayachandran.


Mammooty ... Zakir Hussain aka Kunjakka
Jayasurya ... Najeeb
Adithya Menon ... Sub Inspector Sajan George
Innocent ... Kunjakka's Brother-in-law
Bhavana... Sugandhi (Najeeb's lover)
Mamta Mohandas ... Selina
Nikita Thukral ... Noorjahan
Babu Namboothiri
Bindu Panicker ... Kunjakka's Mother
Poornima Parameswaran... Kunjakka's Sister
Arun Krishnan ... Junior Kunjakka
Abu Salim
Majeed ... Shamsudheen(Selina's fiancee's father)
Ambika Mohan ... Shamsudheen's wife(Selina's fiancee's mother)
Kulappulli Leela ... Rajamma 
Deepika Mohan ... doctor

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