Busan Cooperative Fish Market

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Busan Cooperative Fish Market
Hangul 부산공동어시장
Hanja 釜山共同魚市場
Revised Romanization Busan Gongdong Eosijang
McCune–Reischauer Pusan Kongdong Ŏsijang
BCFM in Busan's Nam-Hang (South Inner Harbor)

The Busan Cooperative Fish Market, or BCFM, is the largest fish market in South Korea. It adjoins the South Harbor in Busan. More than 30% of the country's fish production passes through the market. In recent years, a large percentage of the catch has been made up of yellowtail, due to warming waters in the Sea of Japan (East Sea). The market occupies an area of 166420m2, of which about 10% is a refrigerated working area.

The market first opened on November 1, 1963, at the present-day site of the Busan International Ferry Terminal. It moved to its present location in 1973.

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