Busanjin Station

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Busanjin Station
Korean name
Revised Romanization Busanjinnyeok
McCune–Reischauer Pusanjinnyŏk
Station statistics
Address Jwacheon-dong, Dong District, Busan
South Korea
Coordinates 35°07′45″N 129°03′02″E / 35.12918°N 129.05050°E / 35.12918; 129.05050Coordinates: 35°07′45″N 129°03′02″E / 35.12918°N 129.05050°E / 35.12918; 129.05050
Line(s) Gyeongbu Line, Donghae Nambu Line, Uam Line
Structure type Aboveground
Other information
Opened January 1, 1905
Operator Korail
Busanjin Station
Station statistics
Address Sujeong-dong, Dong District, Busan
Line(s) Busan Metro Line 1
Structure type Underground
Platforms 2
Tracks 3
Other information
Opened May 15, 1987
Station code 115
Operator Busan Transportation Corporation

Busanjin Station (Hangul: 부산진역; hanja: 釜山鎮驛) is a railway station in Dong-gu, Busan, southeast South Korea. It is the terminus of the Donghae Nambu Line to Pohang, and a stop on the Gyeongbu Line to Seoul. The station was closed down in 2005.

It is also an underground station on Busan Subway Line 1. It is located between Choryang and Jwacheon stations.

Busanjin train station

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