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Birth name Michael James Ryan Busbee
Born Walnut Creek, California
Origin San Francisco Bay, California, USA
Genres Pop, Country, Rock
Occupations Songwriter, Record producer, Musician
Website www.busbeemusic.com

Michael James Ryan Busbee (born June 18, 1976),[1][2] usually credited as Mike Busbee or busbee, is an American songwriter, record producer and musician from the San Francisco Bay area.


Born in Walnut Creek, California, busbee's first music making experiences began with the piano at age 7. In high school he studied jazz while predominately focusing on trombone. busbee freelanced as a trombone player in and around New York City and San Francisco recording for multiple artists including Smash Mouth.[3] He eventually moved to Los Angeles to work for Eric Valentine and signed a publishing deal in 2007 with Dann Huff and Darrell Franklin.

Among the wide range of artists with whom busbee has worked are Mercury, P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Timbaland,[4] Keith Urban, Katy Perry, Rascal Flatts,[5] Christina Aguilera, Daughtry, Lady Antebellum,[6] Chris Rene, Alexandra Burke,[7] Flo Rida, Adam Lambert, Jason Aldean, Kid Cudi, Toni Braxton, Blake Shelton, Backstreet Boys, Jessica Sutta, Hunter Hayes, Natalie Cole, Better Than Ezra, Shifty Shellshock (Crazy Town), Allstar Weekend, Liz Phair, Switchfoot, Westlife, Elliott Yamin, Smash Mouth, Love and Theft, Katharine McPhee, Danny Gokey, Project 86, Mitchell Musso, Glen Phillips, Tata Young, Rosie Thomas, Jaymes Reunion, Victoria Beckham, Mel C, Anastacia, Haley Reinhart, Dima Bilan, Lee DeWyze, Giorgia Todrani and Francesca Michielin.

His song "Our Kind of Love" was taken to No. 1 by Lady Antebellum and his Alexandra Burke song "Bad Boys Ft. Flo Rida" was No. 1 in the UK. Girl Generation had a No. 1 in Japan with his song "Run Devil Run." As well, "Summer Nights" reached No. 2 in the country charts and "If We Ever Meet Again" was No. 3 in the UK. busbee also co-wrote and produced Jessica Sutta's No. 1 dance song "Show Me."

He has had many songs used in film, TV and commercials including the song "Light Up the Sky" which was featured in the movie "New Year's Eve"[8] and "Promise Ring" from the Mandy Moore movie How to Deal. The Elliott Yamin song "In Love With You Forever" was used in a Japanese Toyota commercial.

Busbee has recorded two albums as a solo artist and two EPs with his band GoNorthToGoSouth.[9]

He is managed by Myles Lewis, published by BMG[10] and he and his family live in Los Angeles, CA.[11]


  • Edurne
    • "Pretty Boy"
  • Pink
    • "Try" Single (No. 1 Billboard Adult Pop Chart, Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart)
  • Daughtry
    • "We're Not Gonna Fall"
    • "Gone Too Soon"
    • "Losing My Mind"
  • Dia Frampton
    • "Don't Kick The Chair (ft. Kid Cudi)"
    • "I Will (ft. Blake Shelton)
    • "Good Boy"
  • Elliott Yamin
    • "In Love With You Forever"
    • "The Bridge Is Burning"
  • Boyzone
    • “Nothing Without You”
  • Better Than Ezra
    • "Black Light"
    • "Turn Up The Bright Lights"
    • "In Between The Moments"
    • "Wounded"
    • "All in"
  • Twenty Twenty
    • "Move It" (Single)
  • Jaymes Reunion[25]
    • "Let It Shine"
    • "More than a Day"


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