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Bush medicine is Australian Aboriginal people's traditional medicinal practices. Remedies vary between language groups in different parts of Australia.


Generally, bush medicine is made from plant materials, such as bark, leaves and seeds, although animal products were used as well.[1]

In general, there are two types of accepted causes of illness in aboriginal tribes - natural, and supernatural. Natural causes would be treated with natural remedies, and supernatural illnesses could only be treated with a spiritual cure. It was believed that evil spirits caused any illness without an obvious explanation and these would be treated by the tribe's medicine man who would specialize in spiritual cures. They mainly use bush animal dung or plants in their medicine.

Aboriginal remedies varied between clans in different parts of the country. There was no single set of Aboriginal medicines and remedies, just as there was no one Aboriginal language.[1]

Traditions in southern and eastern Australia have largely been lost, but efforts are being made by anthropologists to record traditions from Aborigines in central and north-western Australia.[1]

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