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Bushnell Corporation
Industry Imaging
Founded Japan (1948)
Founder David P. Bushnell
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Blake Lipham, President & CEO
Chuck Gessler, CFO
Products binoculars, telescopes, firearm scopes, flashlights, GPS devices, holographic weapon sights, sunglasses, laser rangefinders, night vision devices, speed gun, spotting scopes, trail cameras, Travel Tunes, WeatherFX
Revenue $64.9M USD
Number of employees
Parent Alliant Techsystems
Subsidiaries Bollé Performance Eyewear
Browning Sports Optics
Serengeti Eyewear
Simmons Outdoor Corporation
Slogan This is Life. And this is how we magnify it.
Website Bushnell.com
Bushnell Europe
Bushnell Golf
Bushnell Golf Europe
Bushnell Trophy Cam Community

Bushnell Corporation, also known as Bushnell and Bushnell Outdoor Products, is an American company specializing in optics and imaging. Its products include binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, night vision equipment, GPS devices, laser rangefinders, riflescopes, holographic weapon sights, game cameras and other high-end optical equipment. The company also sells Bollé Performance Eyewear ski goggles and sunglasses (which includes the H20 Optix sunglasses brand), and Serengeti Eyewear all-purpose sunglasses.

Company history[edit]

Bushnell was founded in 1948 by David P. Bushnell during his time in Allied-occupied Japan.

In 1999, Bushnell was acquired by private equity firm Wind Point Partners.[1][2] In 2007, Bushnell was acquired by MidOcean Partners, another private equity firm, which acquired it in a leveraged recapitalization.[2] The said private equity firm is being led by CEO Ted Virtue.

In June 2008, Bushnell acquired the assets of Simmons Outdoor Corporation from Meade Instruments.[3]

On Sept. 5, 2013, Alliant Techsystems announced it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Bushnell. Under the terms of the transaction, ATK paid $985 million in cash, subject to customary post-closing adjustments. [4]


Bushnell Outdoor Products[5] is the parent company of these brands:

Bushnell also has licensing agreements with Bausch & Lomb and Browning Arms Company.[citation needed]



  • Rifle scopes: Bushnell has a variety of rifle scopes and won an Editors Choice award in 2007 for their Elite 4200 6-24x40 scope from Outdoor Life magazine.[19][20]
  • Binoculars: Bushnell makes a wide variety of binoculars and was awarded the Best Buy award from Outdoor Life magazine in 2005 for their Browning Sports optics binoculars and in 2006 for their Legend binoculars.[21][22]
  • Microscopes
  • Telescopes
  • Game cameras
  • Night vision
  • Simmons Optics, a line of rifle scopes, binoculars, and other optical products.[23][24]

The company also has Holosight, a non-magnifying holographic weapon sight. It produces an illuminated crosshair that appears to be in front of the gun in perfect alignment.[25][26][27][28]


Bushnell Point 5 GPS device

Bushnell produces WeatherFX personal weather stations called the FX3, FX5, and FX7 for hikers, campers, and others who can use it to keep informed of potentially hazardous weather issues while away from home.[29]

Two GPS products were created by Bushnell in 2006 that are the first GPS devices to allow the use of aerial and satellite imagery to be integrated into the display.[30] They also have integrated XM radio to provide real-time weather data and can overlay weather maps and weather radar info.[31][32] In 2007 the Onix 400 GPS unit won the "Best of the Best" award from Field & Stream magazine.[33][34]

Bushnell also has a line of simple GPS devices called Backtrack. They allow users to set up to 5 locations (depending on the model), and forget about the device until they have to return. The device then utilizes a digital compass and basic GPS technology to return to the set location. The current line of Backtrack Devices includes the Original Backtrack, the Backtrack Point 3, and the Backtrack Point 5.[35]


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