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The business mileage reimbursement rate is an optional standard mileage rate used in the United States for purposes of computing the allowable business deduction, for Federal income tax purposes under the Internal Revenue Code, at 26 U.S.C. § 162, for the business use of a vehicle. Under the law, the taxpayer for each year is generally entitled to deduct either the actual expense amount, or an amount computed using the standard mileage rate, whichever is greater.

The business mileage reimbursement rate is also used by some employers for computing employee reimbursement amounts when an employee operates a motor vehicle not owned by the employer for the employer's business purposes. The General Services Administration (GSA) sets the rate for federal jobs. In general, the GSA rate matches the annual rate set by the IRS, although by law the government employee reimbursement rate cannot exceed the mileage rate set by the IRS for business deductions.[1]

Reimbursement by an employer on a per-mile basis is also used in other countries; it offers a similar simplification to payment of subsistence per diem.

Reimbursement rates since 1991[edit]

Year Rate
1991 27.6 cents/mile
1992 26.0 cents/mile
1994 29.0 cents/mile
1995 30.0 cents/mile
1996 31.0 cents/mile
1997 31.5 cents/mile
1998 32.5 cents/mile
Jan–Mar 1999 32.5 cents/mile
Apr–Dec 1999 31.0 cents/mile
2000 32.5 cents/mile
2001 34.5 cents/mile
2002 36.5 cents/mile
2003 36.0 cents/mile
2004 37.5 cents/mile
Jan–Aug 2005 40.5 cents/mile
Sep–Dec 2005 48.5 cents/mile
2006 44.5 cents/mile
2007 48.5 cents/mile
Jan–June 2008 50.5 cents/mile
July–Dec 2008 58.5 cents/mile
2009 55.0 cents/mile
2010 50.0 cents/mile
January–June 2011 51.0 cents/mile
July–Dec 2011 55.5 cents/mile
2012 55.5 cents/mile
2013 56.5 cents/mile
2014 56.0 cents/mile
2015 57.5 cents/mile


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