Business Tycoon Online

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Business Tycoon Online
BTO logo
Developer(s) Dovogame
Publisher(s) Dovogame, LeKool
Release date(s) January 28, 2010 (Dovogame)
Genre(s) MMO, Contemporary business simulation
Mode(s) Multiplayer video game
Distribution Adobe Flash

Business Tycoon Online, often referred to as BTO, is a MMO business simulation browser game by Dovogame. The game had been in the Asian Market for 4 years, reaching 30 million users with 600,000 concurrent players. Dovogame published adapted version for western players from January 28, 2010. LeKool acquired license to publish the game and launched its version of Business Tycoon Online on November 29, 2010.[1] Business Tycoon Online is free to play, no installation required, it is playable in the browser and is accessible on almost any PC with an internet connection only.[2]


Users role-play as entrepreneurs to start their own business in game and finally build up a universal corporation. During this procedure, users will compete with each other in the same marketplace, just like in real life, using all kinds of means to decrease their rivals’ revenue and poach the best employee from others. They can co-operate with others to create a joint venture or a guild, enforcing their companies’ competitive power. They can also apply positions in the City Hall and have part of the power, banning their rivals’ stores.[3] All characters will level up their social class by finishing daily tasks and routines. The experience and social class remain as advanced as they were when your last time login. But some of your status will be changed by other players’ affection. The NPC employees can be leveled up by users' training, even gain a talent, which can help the users to boost up their revenues and increase the success rate when negotiating in the guild landmark battles.

Mansion System[edit]

The mansion system in BTO includes mansion buildings, raw material transfer, and mansion rank. These features will not only allow tycoons to showcase their vehicles, medals and titles, but also help tycoons increase their company revenue, raw material supply rate, factory goods production rate, routine work rewards, character fatigue cap, company store cap and company employee cap. Creating/Upgrading a mansion building will consume raw materials (and bricks at higher level) in your mansion warehouse. Assign your employees to mansion buildings will further increase the company revenue bonus.[4]


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