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A business architect is a modern strategic business occupation. He or she practices in the domain of business architecture. Working as a change agent with senior business stakeholders, the business architect plays a key part in shaping and fostering continuous improvement, business transformation business innovation initiatives.

Work on a business architects any including leading efforts aiming at building an effective description of the architecture for the business process management (BPM) projects that make up the business change programme. The business architect may provide advice on the structure of business models that may be enabled by business technology to work more effectively.

Business architects have deep business as well as broad technology knowledge, combined with large-scale, cross-functional process expertise, including, but not limited to administration, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, finance, or customer resource management, and/or extensive experience with core, strategic line-of-business processes. Business architects must also have business strategy talents, skills that allow them to call on diverse methodologies and standards such as CMMI, ISO 9001, Automotive SPICE (ISO 15504), Lean and Six Sigma, and a grasp of how technology can be used to enable business. Business architects have a rare combination of business domain knowledge, process experience, transformation talents, methodology skills, and a winning personality that helps with communication and business change management.[citation needed]

The role of a Business Architect would be ideally suited to anyone with a structured and methodical approach to work, such as that typically employed in professions such as Quantity Surveying in industry and Project Management such as that in land, marine or building architecture.