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A business consultant is a person that provides support and information to assist in the running or future strategy of a business, generally in the form of project work. Top consulting firms include IBM Global Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, and Accenture. Consulting services are sometimes bundled with hardware or software sales, in which the hardware and/or software is installed by a project team that also configures, customizes, and trains employees to use and maintain it.

Types of consulting[edit]

Business process engineering[edit]

The reengineering of a company's structure or processes is a huge undertaking requiring expertise in industry practice, legal and regulatory requirements, employee management, and sometimes outsourcing.

Marketing and sales[edit]

Redesigning marketing strategy or sales force processes is a difficult task that requires expertise in developing product development and advertising strategy and customer relationship management.

Software development and implementation[edit]

The customization and implementation of major software packages creates great stress on a company and requires expertise in choosing the software, acquiring the necessary hardware, performing the configuration and customization, and training users.


Most business consultants travel regularly to work with clients on project teams directly. This often requires weekly travel in which the consultants fly to the client location, stay in hotels, and work at the client site. In some cases, overseas travel is warranted or long-term stays or even relocation to be near the client site, depending on the nature and length of the project.

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