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Hampshire's total economy (worth £38.4bn) is the largest economy in England outside London, providing almost 3% of total GDP for the UK as a whole. It is predicted to have a growth of 2.1% in the year 2015, the third highest growth rate in the UK. It has much to do with the recent corporation boom in Southampton and Portsmouth with corporations such as Carnival UK, IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Barclays, Zurich Insurance Group, HSBC and Lloyd's Register coming into Solent City and Basingstoke. Relaxed planning permissions allowed Ocean Village in Southampton and Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth to become corporate centres, surpassing Leeds as the second biggest financial centre in the UK. If measured individually, Southampton is the fourth largest corporate centre whilst Portsmouth is the sixth. (Surpassed by London, Leeds, Manchester, (Southampton) and Bristol respectively. This differs from their population ranking greatly, as they are ranked 14th and 19th respectively in population ranking.


See Hampshire#Economy for more information.

Law & regulations[edit]

Hampshire Trading Standards Service originated from the initial introduction of the Weights and Measures Act, and is still better known as the Inspectors of Weights and Measures. Trading Standards Service activities are still primarily enforcement of the Weights and Measures Act, but also has the following responsibilities, in whole or in part, as of 31 March 1988;

Today the Hampshire County Council Regulatory Services Commission publishes advice on local business advice on its web site [1].

Small business advice[edit]

Advice for new businesses is available from a number of private ventures and government funded schemes. Advice is available from Business Link, Department of Trade and Industry and the HM Revenue and Customs.

Business award schemes[edit]

Hampshire County Council and the Economic Development Office sponsor a number of local business awards.

Business directories[edit]

These web sites provide information on local Hampshire businesses (as opposed to UK-wide Business directories);

Business parks & premises[edit]


  • Andover Airfield Business Park (RDC under construction)
  • Anton Business Park (light industrial / warehouses)
  • Basepoint (offices / light industrial)
  • Commercial Centre (offices / light industrial)
  • Glenmore Business Park (light industrial)
  • Portway Industrial Estate (industrial / warehouses)
  • Walworth Industrial Estate (industrial / warehouses)


  • Basing View (offices)
  • Bilton Ind Easte ( Warehouses and offices)
  • Chineham Business Park (offices / light industrial)
  • Crockford Lane (offices / light industrial)
  • Daneshill East (industrial warehouse)
  • Hampshire International Business Park (offices / light industrial)
  • Houndmills Industrial Estate (industrial / warehouse)
  • Intec Business Park (offices / Technical park)
  • Kingsland Bersford Centre
  • Moniton Estate (industrial)
  • Viables Business Park (offices)
  • West Ham Industrial Estate (industrial / warehouse)

East Hampshire

  • Hazleton Industrial Estate (industrial)
  • Hazleton Industrial Park (industrial / warehouse)
  • Petersfield Business Park (industrial / warehouse)
  • Wessex Gate, Horndean (industrial)
  • Westfield Estate, Horndean (offices / light industrial)


  • Barton Park (industrial / warehouse)
  • Boyatt Wood (industrial / warehouse)
  • Chandlers Ford Industrial Estate (offices / industrial / warehouse)
  • Hampshire Corporate Park (offices)
  • Phoenix Park (industrial)
  • Southampton International Park (offices / industrial / warehouse)
  • Tower Park (industrial / warehouse)
  • Turnpike (offices)


  • Apex Centre (industrial)
  • Bridge Industries (industrial / office)
  • Cams Hall (office)
  • Duncan Road (industrial / warehouse)
  • Fareham Enterprise Centre (offices)
  • Fareham Heights (industrial / warehouse / offices)
  • Fareham Industrial Park (industrial / warehouse / offices)
  • Fort Fareham (industrial / warehouse)
  • Fort Wallington (industrial)
  • Kites Croft (industrial / warehouse / offices)
  • Murrills Trading Estate (industrial / warehouse)
  • Newgate Lane (industrial / warehouse)
  • Palmerston Lane (industrial / warehouse)
  • Pennant Park (industrial / warehouse / office)
  • Portchester Park (industrial / warehouse)
  • Segensworth (offices / industrial / warehouse)
  • Solent Business Park (offices)
  • Speedfields Park (industrial / warehouse)
  • Talisman Business Centre (industrial / warehouse)


  • Clarence Wharf (industrial)
  • Cranbourne Road (industrial)
  • Fareham Road (industrial / warehouse)
  • Fort Brockhurst (industrial)
  • Forton Road (industrial)
  • Harbour Road (industrial)
  • Heritage Business Park (freehold)
  • Quay Lane (industrial)
  • Westfield Industrial Estate (industrial)

Hart (district)

  • Ancells Farm (offices)
  • Bartley Osborne Way (offices)
  • Blackbushe Business Park (industrial)
  • Murrell Green Business Park (industrial)
  • Pale Lane Farm (offices / industrial / warehouse)
  • Redfields Park (offices / industrial)
  • Sandy Lane Business Park (offices)
  • Waterfront (offices)


  • Aysgarth Road (industrial)
  • Brambles Business Centre (offices)
  • Brambles Industrial Estate (office / industrial / warehouse / leisure)
  • Brockhampton North Industrial Estate (industrial)
  • Byngs Business Park (industrial)
  • Kingscroft Business Park (industrial)
  • Oakwood Centre (offices)
  • North Havant Industrial Estate (industrial / warehouse)
  • Parkwood Centre (industrial / warehouse / offices)
  • Brambles Farm (industrial)
  • Stratfield Park (industrial)
  • Waterlooville Industrial Estate (industrial)


  • Acorn Business Park (offices)
  • Bilton Business Park (industrial / warehouse)
  • Blueprint (industrial)
  • Challenge Enterprise Centre (managed offices)
  • Dundas Industrial Estate (industrial / warehouse)
  • Fairways Business Centre (industrial)
  • Farlington Road (industrial / warehouse / retail)
  • Fitzherbert Industrial Estate (industrial / warehouse / retail)
  • Flathouse Quay (industrial)
  • Fratton (industrial)
  • Limberline Estate (industrial / warehouse)
  • North Harbour Business Park (offices)
  • Portchester Park (industrial)
  • Portsmouth Enterprise Centre (managed offices / industrial)
  • Quadra Point (industrial / warehouse)
  • Railway Triangle (industrial / warehouse)
  • Shawcross Industrial Estate (industrial)
  • Walton Road (industrial / warehouse)
  • Warrier Business Centre (managed offices)
  • Western Road Industrial Estate (industrial / warehouse)


  • Bellevue Enterprise Centre (office / industrial)
  • Bellevue Industrial Estate (industrial)
  • Blackwater Valley (industrial)
  • Deadbrook Lane (industrial / warehouse)
  • Eastern Road (industrial)
  • Farnborough Aerodrome (research & development)
  • Holder Road (offices / warehouse)
  • Invincible Road (industrial)
  • North Lane (industrial)
  • Redan Hill Estate (industrial)
  • Southwood Business Park (offices)


  • Bernard Street (offices / warehouse)
  • Centurion Industrial Park (warehouse / industrial)
  • City Industrial Park (industrial / warehouse)
  • Hazel Road & Willments Yard (industrial / warehouse)
  • Kemps Quay (industrial)
  • Millbrook Trading Estate (industrial / warehouse / offices)
  • Millbrook Industrial Estate (industrial / warehouse)
  • Solent Business Centre (industrial / warehouse)
  • Trinity Manor Industrial Estate (industrial / warehouse)
  • Western Docks (industrial / warehouse)


  • Solent Business Park, Whiteley (offices)
  • Winnall Industrial Estate (industrial / warehouse)
  • Bar End Industrial Estate (industrial / warehouse)

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