Bust of Thomas Baker

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Bust of Thomas Baker
0 Thomas Baker - Gian Lorenzo Bernini.JPG
Artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Year 1638 (1638)
Type Sculpture
Material Marble
Dimensions 82 cm (32 in)
Location Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Coordinates Coordinates: 51°29′47″N 0°10′19″W / 51.496302°N 0.172078°W / 51.496302; -0.172078

The Bust of Thomas Baker is a 1638 marble portrait sculpture created by the Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, with much of the bust undertaken by a pupil of Bernini, probably Andrea Bolgi.[1] It is currently held in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, who purchased the bust in 1921 for 1480 English guineas. [2][3][4]

Baker (1606-58) was High Sheriff of Suffolk and connected to the court of Charles I. He may have been indirectly involved in another Bernini bust, carrying the triple portrait of Charles I by Van Dyck to Rome; it was from this portrait that Bernini carved the now-destroyed bust of King Charles. [1][2]


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