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Buster Capp is the fictional son of Andy Capp and Flo, and the star of his own comic simply called Buster.

Buster has been a contentious issue among his own fans, and fans of Andy Capp. The main reason for this is that Andy is not exactly father material.

Andy was only ever seen in the very early Buster comic strips, when the full title of the comics was Buster: Son of Andy Capp. The association was dropped a year or so later but Buster continued to wear his father's cap up until 1992, when it was ditched in favor of a more modern baseball cap.

In the later years of Buster comic there was more mention of his famous father, even having Andy himself appear in an issue. As the comic was failing, there was presumably an attempt to ring in Andy Capp fans into the comic.

Speculation on the Buster Comic forums has arisen over Buster's origins: is the storyline supposed to take place after the Andy Capp comic series, or is it supposed to take place in an alternate universe?

There also existed a Swedish version of Buster Capp, done directly for the Swedish edition by local Swedish artists, this version was a heavily sports-oriented humour strip.

Buster's strip was originally drawn by Bill Titcombe but Hugh McNeill took over as artist after less than a year. After a few years Àngel Nadal took over and drew the strip until 1974, when he was followed by Reg Parlett. Tom Paterson in turn took over from Parlett in 1985 and drew the strip until 1990. Jimmy Hansen then became the strip's artist until the comic folded in 2000; the comic started using reprints of Hansen's earlier strips in 1998, but he still drew a complete new strip once a month, along with covers for every comic until the end of its life.