Busy Child

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"Busy Child"
Single by The Crystal Method
from the album Vegas
Released 1997[1]
Genre Electronic breakbeat
Label Outpost Recordings
Producer(s) The Crystal Method
The Crystal Method singles chronology
"Busy Child"
"High Roller"

"Busy Child" is a breakbeat single by The Crystal Method from the album Vegas. It is one of the group's most recognizable works, reaching #17 on Hot Dance Club Play charts, and remaining on even ten years later.[2]


The "I guess I didn't know..." vocal in "Busy Child" is sampled from the song "Know the Ledge" by Eric B. & Rakim.[3] The song also features a vocal sample from the DJ Pierre-produced house track, "Summertime (Is Get Busy Time)". The sample was made to sound like "Get busy, child!", in which the song's title is based on.[4]

Music videos[edit]

At least two music videos were made to promote the song.[5] The original 1997 version (directed by Lance Bangs and Eli Bonerz) was mostly CGI.[6] The second version (directed by Clark Eddy) is more recognizable and includes live concert footage interspersed with clips from the Lost in Space movie.[7]


The song is featured on many film soundtracks and electronic compilations, including the soundtrack of the FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 video game. A shorter version of the song is featured as a playable song in the dancing video game DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution. The song is also used as a song on the Universal Studios ride Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit under the Club and Electronica genre.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Busy Child" (Radio Edit)
  2. "Busy Child" (Vegas Version)
  3. "Busy Child" (Taylor's Hope for Evolution)
  4. "Busy Child" (Uberzone Mix)


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