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Butterpfad sign.png
Butterpfad Waymark
Length 12 km (7 mi)
Location Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Trailheads St.-Kastor Chapel Rengsdorf, Hümmerich
Use Hiking
Elevation change 574 m (1,883 ft)
Highest point Strassenhaus, 386 m (1,266 ft)
Lowest point Hümmerich, 241 m (791 ft)
Hiking details
Trail difficulty Easy
Season All year
Sights Sequoia forest
Website [1]

The Butterpfad is a hiking trail in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The trail is 12 km long and connects Rengsdorf via Strassenhaus with Hümmerich leading through the Westerwald forest.


The Butterpfad dates back to the time that farmers of the region transported their goods, mainly butter and milk, via this route to Neuwied. In Neuwied they sold their goods at the market. The trail is marked with red-white waymarks and along the trail information tables are located, providing background information on the history of this activity.



In earlier times the trail lead not only from Hümmerich to Rengsdorf but continued through the Alte Scheid to Oberbieber and from there by tram to the market in Neuwied. The trail connects not only Rengsdorf with Hümmerich but also the Westerwaldsteig in Obersteinebach via a 4.2 km long path from Hümmerich with the Rheinsteig and the Klosterweg in Rengsdorf.

From its starting point at the parking lot in Hümmerich the trail leads along the scale museum of Hümmerich. The trail leads through the valleys of the Gierender Bach, Fockenbach and Völkerwiesenbach passing old mills (Hümmerich mill, Upper and Lower mill), the Alexander tunnel and the quarry Louisenglück. The village of Oberhonnefeld-Gierend can be reached via the 3 km long G1 trail along the Gierender Bach.

After the village of Strassenhaus and the crossing of the B256 the trail leads through the sequoia forest, along a replica of a charcoal production hill and crosses the K105. At this point there is the option to follow a small detour to the Altenburg Bonefeld, a monument of the Middle Ages, and the Keltengräbern. Shortly after the Butterpfad hut in the Völkerwiesenbach valley in Rengsdorf the trail leads to the rhododendron park.[1]