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Aberdeen Buttery.jpg
Alternative name(s) Rowie, rollie, Aberdeen roll, cookie
Place of origin Aberdeen, Scotland
Main ingredient(s) Flour, lard, butter or vegetable oil, yeast

A buttery, also known as a roll, rowie, rollie, Aberdeen roll or Cookie is a savoury Scottish bread roll (though cookie is also a name for a cream bun).

They are noted for flaky texture and buttery taste, similar to a flattened, round croissant, with a very salty taste. They are often toasted with jam or butter, or just with tea, although the high fat content (partly lard) makes them extremely hot when toasted. Commercial producers use vegetable oils instead of butter.[1][2]

As the alternate name of Aberdeen roll suggests, butteries are a speciality of Aberdeen but they are common throughout the Northeast of Scotland.

Articles in the Aberdeen Journal from early in the 19th century bemoan the increased use of lard in place of butter in traditional "butter rolls".[3]


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