Buying Sex is Not a Sport

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Buying Sex is Not a Sport
Date 2009-10
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Buying Sex is Not a Sport: Vancouver Initiative to Prevent Human Trafficking (BSNS) was a grassroots[1] campaign that raised awareness about the human trafficking surrounding the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that facilitated the provision of prostitution for visitors.[2] The campaign was launched on May 22, 2009[3] and was created by academics and former prostitutes.[4] Tara Teng, who was Miss B.C. World at the time, participated in the campaign,[5] as did Trisha Baptie, a former sex worker.[6] Multiple organizations opposing human trafficking were involved in the campaign, including Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity;[7] and Eve.[2] Some campaign participants silently protested against the sex industry outside of Rogers Arena, known at the time as Canada Hockey Place, and outside three of Vancouver's strip clubs.[8] T-shirts and lapel pins sporting the name of the campaign were sold.[9] Former prostitutes who participated in the campaign called for the implementation of prostitution laws in Canada analogous to Sweden's Sex Purchase Act, which makes purchasing sex illegal as a form of violence against women.[10]


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