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Buzluq is located in Azerbaijan
Coordinates: 40°24′55″N 46°25′59″E / 40.41528°N 46.43306°E / 40.41528; 46.43306Coordinates: 40°24′55″N 46°25′59″E / 40.41528°N 46.43306°E / 40.41528; 46.43306
Country  Azerbaijan
Rayon Goranboy
Population [citation needed]
 • Total 315
Time zone AZT (UTC+4)
 • Summer (DST) AZT (UTC+5)

Buzluq (also, Bouzloukh, Buzluk, Buzlukh, and Buzuluk - meaning "cold, iced" in Azerbaijani) is a village and municipality in the Goranboy Rayon of Azerbaijan. It has a population of 315. The municipality consists of the villages of Buzluq, Gülüstan, and Başqışlaq.[1]

Prior to the breakup of the Soviet Union, it was populated by Armenians. During the Soviet time the people of Buzluq were engaged mainly in agriculture with considerable achievements due to heavy subsidization policy by the Azerbaijan SSR government.

With the outbreak of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan people of Buzluq were armed by Armenia. The village served as a base for armed raids against the civilian population of the surrounding Azerbaijani villages of Shafag and Zeyve. Those actions were supported by Soviet forces stationed in the area. But in May 1991 Buzluq itself became a target of Soviet Operation Ring which ordered by Moscow as a punishment for Armenia's boycott of a referendum held on the future status of the Soviet Union. In the fall of 1991, Armenian forces captured the village, which was recaptured together with the whole Shahumyan district by Azerbaijani forces in June 1992.

Buzluq was one of 13 Armenian villages of the former Shahumyan rural district of Azerbaijan, which are now integrated into Goranboy Rayon.

Other Armenian villages in the former Shahumyan were: Gulistan, Verin Shen, Erkech, Nerkin Shen (the region administrative center), Manashid, Hay Paris, Karachinar, Mnasin Shen, and Kharkhapor. Almost all these villages are now populated by Azerbaijani refugees displaced from Vardenis, Krasnoselsk and other regions of Armenia in 1988.

Historically Azeri populated villages nearby are Todan, Gurzallar, Bashkyshlagh, Shefeg, and Zeyva.

Russian Molokans' village: Rus Paris.

From 17,000 population of region, 85% were Armenians, others were Azeri. [2]


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